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Natural Treatment for Various Types of Liver Cancer

Types of Liver Cancer

  • In the United States, the rate of liver cancer is quite low but does come in several forms depending on the cells affected. The most common is known as HCC (hepatocellular carcinoma). HCC hits the hepatocytes – the main liver cells.
  • Regardless of the type of liver cancer you have, chances are there will be some pain involved, especially in the later stages.

While any type of cancer diagnosis is frightening, liver cancer can sometimes be one of the scariest. In most cases, this type of cancer is known as secondary because it develops because cancer cells from one part of our body are spreading into the liver. This is a bad sign and makes effective treatment much more difficult. However, there are other types of liver cancer, including the primary type.

What are the Types of Liver Cancer?

Primary liver cancer refers to cancer that begins in the liver. In the United States, the rate of liver cancer is quite low but does come in several forms depending on the cells affected. The most common is known as HCC (hepatocellular carcinoma). HCC hits the hepatocytes – the main liver cells.

Other types of liver cancer include Cholangiocarcinomas (the cancer begins in the bile ducts), Angiosarcomas and Hemangiosarcomas (cancer starts in the blood vessels around the liver), and Hepatoblastoma (a highly treatable form of liver cancer affecting children under the age of four). Both Cholangiocarcinomas and HCC are treated in similar ways, even when you are choosing natural or alternative remedies.

Unfortunately, if you have been diagnosed with angiosarcomas or hemangiosarcomas, treatment of any kind may not be very effective. These types of liver cancer grow fast, spread rapidly, and are nearly impossible to treat once discovered. Sadly, most patients do not live longer than six months after the diagnosis has been made.

Treating Some Types of Liver Cancer

Although chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation are the most common medical treatments for liver cancer, but there are some alternatives you might want to consider. These alternatives can either be used as main treatment options or as complementary methods to whatever your physician has recommended.

Coenzyme Q10 has been praised for its antioxidant properties which are supposed to further protect the liver from damage. CoQ10 (as it is sometimes called) must always be taken with oils, such as fish or flaxseed oil, so the body can properly absorb it. Ellagic acid is another alternative treatment for some types of liver cancer. It may actually work by reducing the growth and development of tumors.

Raw beet juice, bitter melon, curcumin, and even bee pollen are all touted as being useful in stopping liver cancer. Regardless of the type of natural remedy you are considering, talk to your physician first because not all of these alternative options will complement your existing treatment plan.

Dealing with the Pain of Liver Cancer

Regardless of the type of liver cancer you have, chances are there will be some pain involved, especially in the later stages. While physicians can prescribe strong pain medication, the risk of dependence on the medication is high and can continue even once you have recovered. Alternative and natural methods for dealing with this pain can be more effective. Eastern approaches, such as acupuncture, have been proven quite successful in pain management for liver cancer patients in the past. Massage therapy can also be a wise choice.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

9 Responses to “Natural Treatment for Various Types of Liver Cancer”

  1. 1
    Vicki Johnson Says:
    Hi Fern, I see it has been some time since our last posting, I pray partner is going well. I would love to hear more about your journey. I too am a liver cancer patient, I have had the main 13 cm tumor removed from my liver last November, 2008, but since February was advised the cancer spread to my lungs and back in my liver. I have tried 4 different types of chemo IV and pill form as well as the Nexavar, nothing has worked. Now I am given 3 months, I have been working with a Naturopath since February too, but most detoxing remedies havn't been allowed until now due to the effects they may have had on the metabolism of the chemos. If there is anything you may want to share, I would be greatly appreciative. Sincerely Vicki
  2. 2
    FERN BEYER Says:
    I believe in natural healing so I hope you can help me to get well soon.
  3. 3
    cina Says:
    Hi Flavia, Would you be willing to share more details about the diet and supplement regimen that you used? My cousin is facing a very similar situation and we would really appreciate any guidance you could offer. Thanks, Cina
  4. 4
    Jenny Says:
    Flavia, My uncle has been diagnosed with primary liver cancer in Sept 2009 and his doctor has given him two weeks left - likely will not survive the coming new year, we were told. Can I trouble you to explain on your diet plan for your partner? Merry Christmas and thanking you in advance. I can be contacted at jennytay2004@gmail.com Thank you JENNY TAY
  5. 5
    Vicki Johnson Says:
    Hi Flavia, My name is Vicki and am hoping you are willing to share specifically the diet and treatrments you are speaking of in your posting to Fern on 12/3/09. I note today in a posting to Fern my situation. I too and looking for anything to help give me more time which my doctor has given me 3 months. I have had surgery, done 4 different types of chemo and maintained my health quite well using a Naturalpath, which available through my oncologist. Now that I don't have to worry about what I take that might mess with the metabolisim of my chemo, I am willing to try anything, as I am sure you can imagine. I just added to my large list of vitamins, IP6, Milk Thistle, Curcumin. Any ideas or suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  6. 6
    flavia Says:
    Hi Fern, I just came across your post, and i noticed no one has replied to your questions. I need to tell you that i have lived through some of the most stressful and fearful 3 years of my life. My very loving partner for live was diagnosed with liver cancer 3 years ago and it through our plans for senior life in a mind numbing tail spin. I immediately started researching everything I could lay my hands on, and thank god for the internet. Although there are some "quack" am "money grabbing" schemes out there, research and common sense led me to discover a natural gentle treatment for his cancer. At first, understandable, he listened and believed everything his doctor told him. He wanted to live, and we have been led to believe that Dr.'s and medecine are the only things that will help us. After much debate, he refused chemo and radiation, but caved in to Nexevar treatment (pills). This is actually all there is available for liver cancer, despite the billions of dollars that have been spent on researching for a cancer cure. To make a long story sort Fern, 3 months ago, he was given 2 weeks to live, we immediately dove into what I have been researching for the last 3 years. In a very general nutshell - there is a cure for cancer, it is based on diet and naturals supplements. He is now alive and well, and feeling better than he has in the last 3 years. His cancer has "stopped" and his health is improving every day. His oncologist are in disbelief, and don't understand why he is not six feet underground. We know why and so do many many other people out there who have beat cancer and are living a wonderful healthy life. Please believe in this and research these treatments, there are many, and I pray you will find one that helps you. God bless.
  7. 7
    FERN BEYER Says:
    I already explained my situation and need help to fight liver cancer. Mrs. Fern Beyer
  8. 8
    FERN BEYER Says:
    I have masses on my liver. I never smoke or drink but once in a while I drink wine. I believe in taking vitamins and herbs. I do not know how I got cancer of the liver. I would need more help if you can provide for me. I live in Greensboro, NC and is not easy to get Purple Juice with beets and carrots together. Carrot juice is not bad which I can get. Thanks for your consideration in this matter. Mrs. Fern Beyer
  9. 9
    Vashraan Says:
    I have seen acupuncture work well for liver cancer patients. My uncle suffered from it and he was a big believer in natural remedies and holistic medicine. Acupuncture helped him and even if you do not believe in this type of therapy, it is better to try it once to see if it will help.