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Natural Slimming Foods

Slimming Foods

  • When you cut out your calories, your body’s metabolism has slowed down, because it has been given less food, and it goes into that conserving drive lowering your metabolism which very often results in extra weight gained.
  • Foods high in protein, fiber, healthy fats and oils, and water are ideal for weight loss and health maintenance.

Certain foods can provide a great way to lose help you lose weight and not go hungry. When people go on “diets”, they cut way back on the intake of food and very often experience cravings or intense hunger therefore, they eat more. When you drasticly cut back on calories you end up feeling hungry more often of the time then your body thinks food is scarce so it conserves energy. In addition to feeling hungry, your body’s metabolism has slowed down, because it has been given less food, and it goes into that conserving drive lowering your metabolism which very often results in extra weight gained. Including smart foods in your daily food intake means staying full throughout the entire day, reducing calories and ending food binges because of hunger or cravings. Wholesome foods that help keep you fulfilled, are very nutrient dense and low in calories at the same time are considered nature’s slimming foods.

Foods high in protein, fiber, healthy fats and oils, and water are ideal for weight loss and health maintenance. Oatmeal falls into this category. Some people say oatmeal is one of the perfect foods. This breakfast cereal is packed full of fiber, and contains a significant amount of protein as well. A breakfast of oatmeal will keep you full until lunch, help lower your cholesterol when eaten regularly, benefiting your health at the same time. You can add fruits, nuts, and juices to change the taste of your oatmeal. At the grocery store, buy whole oats instead of using the quick oats. This is because whole oats have more fiber and the outer hull is still present. The cooking time is a little longer, but the health benefits are definitely worth it.

Apples are also known as a slimming food. This fruit is full of fiber that is both soluble and insoluble. Soluble fiber helps to keep your blood sugar level stable, which can keep you from having cravings. Insoluble fiber helps make you feel fuller longer and can be a daily aid in keeping your digestive system regular. Apples also contain a high amount of water so your body gets well needed hydration.

Even though eggs sometimes get a bad rap, they are a terrific slimming food. Eggs can supply a large amount of protein, which helps keep you from feeling hungry. Studies have shown that when you eat eggs for breakfast, you are less likely to snack between meals and will consume fewer total calories through the day. This does not mean you should have eggs every morning for breakfast, but eating eggs two or three times a week may be beneficial to your health. The many different way eggs can be cooked, helps in keeping meals varied and provides a good protein source.

Almost all fruits and vegetables can be considered slimming foods. A good portion of your nutrient needs can be supplied from these. Fruits and vegetables do not have a high calorie count, or any empty calories. These foods are bursting with vitamins, minerals, and phyto-chemicals that may help ward off cancer and disease. Because these foods are also full of water, they supply a source of hydration that your body needs to correctly and efficiently. The low calorie count means that you can eat a piece of fruit or a helping of vegetables as a smaller meal. When you eat smaller meals throughtout the day, instead of three big meals, your metabolism remains at a higher rate. In addition, the smaller meals will keep your cravings and appetite under control so that you feel less hungry and more likely not going to make a bad food choice.

Lowfat yogurt can be a very healthy addition to your diet. It already is considered a popular diet food in helping many lose weight. Recently, many manufacturers of yogurt have added in beneficial bacteria and enzymes which help with digestive health. Now eating yogurt every day can not only supply your body with much needed calcium, but will also help your body increase the healthy flora in your intestional system. An important note to look for is that the cultures on the yogurt label need to be “live” cultures so make sure you look for that. If they do not say “live”, there is a good chance that the pasteurizing process has destroyed the live bacteria and the benefits are diminished or gone. You can purchase “probiotics” or live cultures at many health food or natural food stores.

For your protein sources, instead of eating a big juicy steak, opt for the leaner pieces of meat. Chicken and fish are great sources of protein that are easy to find and are available at most cafes and restaurants. Taking the skin off the chicken will also help in lowering the caloric value as the skin has a high fat content. If you incorporate a few slices of lean deli meat as one of the smaller meals of the day, along with a piece of fruit, this will give your body the kick it needs to maintain your metabolism at a beneficial rate and again help you go on without the hunger associated with strict crash dieting.

Hunger is no longer an issue when you are trying to slim down. Instead of three large, hard to digest meals every day, change your habits and eat five smaller meals and healthier snacks throughout the day providing you with a smarter way to slim down. Add a good exercise program to your regimen and you are on your way to a better, stronger and healthier lifestyle.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

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