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Natural Remedies for a Toothache

Natural remedies for a toothache can be needed because of tooth decay in children and adults, and you may need to see a dentist to reverse tooth decay before the will go away completely. Natural remedies for a toothache include natural herbs, plants, and home remedies to eliminate any infection present and help ease the pain you are suffering from. Cloves have been used for centuries to treat tooth pain and problems. This spice works to kill bacteria naturally, and will soothe any inflammation and help relieve the pain. You can either place a whole clove in the affected tooth or you can use clove oil, which is more effective and gets into the tooth faster and works better. You may feel instant relief from the discomfort.

Natural Remedies For A Toothache

Some popular natural remedies for a toothache may include tea tree oil. This oil also is a natural antibiotic, as well as killing fungus and viruses as well. This method works well for tooth decay in children, teenagers, and adults. Mix the tea tree oil with water, and then rinse your mouth thoroughly with this solution. It will relieve the pain while killing off pathogens. This solution will also minimize the swelling and inflammation that can lead to pain. This will not reverse tooth decay but it will prevent further problems. If your tooth is badly infected or it is rotten beyond repair, you may need to see a dentist to take care of it, and stop the pain. You may need to have the tooth filled or pulled.

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    Dentists Torrance Says:
    Some people also apply a few drops of vanilla extract on the tooth to manage the pain.