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Types of Cosmetic Dentistry

There are many types of cosmetic dentistry available, some that are intended to reverse tooth decay and others that aim to make your smile more attractive. You can get your teeth whitened, have veneers put on, learn how dental implants work and use this method to reverse tooth decay, have bonding or shaping done, or have crowns put on, among other choices. No matter what you do not like about your smile or your teeth, there are types of cosmetic dentistry that can fix these concerns. Your smile is a big part of what makes you attractive, to yourself and others. Rotting teeth or a dingy smile may make you feel self conscious or embarrassed, but you can get these issues taken care of so that you are happy to smile again.

One of the types of cosmetic dentistry which is very popular involves dental implants to reverse tooth decay effects. Knowing how dental implants work is important if you choose this option though, because the results are not instantaneous. After the implant is placed in your jaw, there is a healing period of around four months, so that the implant can graft with your jawbone. Then a second procedure is required to place and secure the post, with the teeth being attached to the post in a third procedure. Whitening can also help brighten your smile, getting rid of tobacco and stains and making your teeth bright again. The cost of the cosmetic dentistry will depend on the procedures being done.

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