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National Breast Cancer Awareness Month – 5 Important Facts About This Month – Part 2

4) Every year the National Breast Cancer Foundation – NBCF – puts on an event called The Pink Ribbon Challenge®. This event takes place every October, which is the Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It uses the efforts of syndicated programs and radio stations across the country, along with the support of music celebrities, and, of course, the listeners, in order to try raise the funds necessary to provide free mammograms for women. It is not an ordinary fundraising effort in the effect that listeners get to participate by visiting the web site of their favorite radio station and clicking on the Pink Ribbon banner every day during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This redirects the listeners to The Breast Cancer Site, where they click on “Fund Free Mammograms” and contribute monetary donations. The money collected is distributed to clinics, missions, hospitals, and mobile mammography units by the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

5) The only slight problem with giving free mammograms is that a lot of women do not want to undergo them. 42 percent of women who were offered a free MRI refused to do the test. Their reasons for this were that they were reluctant to have a contrast medium injected, claustrophobia, and time problems. Some women also mentioned financial concerns associated with traveling to get to the place where the test is conducted. It is still a shame that such a large percentage of women refused the free test, because an MRI is helpful in detecting early malignancies and can save lives.

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    Linda Says:
    I want to get an regular MRI, as there is a history of problems in my family. I have not been offered this though by my family doctor. In the US, what exactly is the deal with free MRI's? I'd be very interested to know how the system works.