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What are the symptoms of breast cancer in male?

in male patients is possible, it is not just women who can end up with this disease although many more women than men are diagnosed with this condition each year. Although rare, male breast cancer can strike at any age and either breast may be affected. One of the most common symptoms that you may notice is a lump, one that is usually not painful or tender. Often this lump will be in the nipple area, but it can be in other areas and tissues of the breast as well. Breast cancer in male breast tissue is treated the same as it is in female breast tissue, and one of the symptoms in both sexes are swelling of the lymph nodes in the armpit area. This can occur because these lymph nodes are affected by the cancer cells, and are trying to fight them off.

Breast cancer in male tissue may show as a mass or lump that is sore or tender when pushed on, and you may notice that your nipple on that breast has started to pull in or retract some. One of the symptoms of male breast cancer is changes in the shape, size, or appearance of the nipple, and these symptoms should be taken seriously and examined by a medical professional. In some rare cases you may notice a discharge from the nipple, although this is not a common symptom. You may also see an ulcer or sore on the tissue, which may or may not be sensitive or painful and may get larger over time.

Breast cancer in male breast tissue is rare, but if you notice any of these symptoms then you may need to see your physician for an examination to rule out this possibility. For every symptom of breast cancer in male patients, there are many other things that can cause the same symptoms. Only a medical professional can evaluate these signs and determine what the cause is, whether that is cancer or something else. You should not delay or put this step off, because if you do have male breast cancer then it is important to get this condition diagnosed and start treatment as soon as possible. This can greatly increase your odds of beating the disease and surviving.

One of the biggest problems with breast cancer in male patients is that many men will minimize the symptoms, or may delay getting treatment in the mistaken belief that the problem will go away. When caught early on and treated aggressively, breast cancer in male and female patients both can normally be cured. When delays occur then the odds of survival decrease with the increase of time between the onset of the symptoms and the diagnosis and start of treatment. If you notice any of the signs of breast cancer then do not wait to have these assessed by your doctor. Even if you do have this condition, a prompt response to the signs and symptoms can help save your life.

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    James Says:
    I have never heard of male breast cancer! How common is this? Has anyone here ever come across this condition? I will definitely ask my doctor about this next time I see him!