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Invisalign Forum: an Expert Review

Heard about Invisalign forum? Here is what is discussed:

Invisalign Forum

  • Invisalign explanation of product, including Invisalign reviews
  • Studies done by expert organizations
  • Invisalign before and after: the pros and cons
  • Your choice: Invisalign vs braces

Invisalign is a newer technology that allows the wearer to have progressively customized clear braces that are more camouflaged and less painful that standard metal braces.

Getting an expert review on Invisalign vs braces requires that the information be based on scientific study as opposed to anyone with a monetary investment or gain. This kind of data seems difficult to access. The specialists in the field of dentistry would be JADA (Journal of American Dental Association). They did a study back in 2005 which yielded inconclusive results. In other words: More studies must be done.

Information from the website of bracesreview is a bit more informative: “Hidden braces or invisible orthodontics are truly becoming the wave of the future. While not everyone qualifies for invisible braces such as Invisalign, the advancement in the technology to cover more severe cases is growing. With severe cases such as an underbite that will most likely need surgery along with braces, Invisalign is not ready yet to with that situation. Only time will tell, but in the meantime people with general crowding, spacing, and minor bite discrepancies can benefit from this huge advancement in braces.

We recommend you do you research and find a premier Invisalign provider that knows Invisalign very well through experience and many cases. You should expect to pay quite a bit more as Invisalign cost is quite a bit higher than traditional braces.”

In doing any research on Invisalign you get a mountain of orthodontists that will sell you the product and streams of patient testimonials. There are a ton of Invisalign before and after pictures that are quite impressive. With less than adequate scientific studies, one must try to take the word of the dentists and orthodontists and the patients themselves for the Invisalign reviews.

Invisalign Forum Overall Summary:

1. High Tech
Many patients feel more a part of their dental alignment when they receive a computer animated CD showing exactly what will happen to their teeth. These usually include a nice Invisalign before and after reviews.

2. Cost
The process is still considered new and therefore the cost is higher. Those that have excellent dental plans will not waiver in their decision. For the rest, the higher cost is for the convenience, as it comes right out of their own pocket. You may want to do a close comparison of the what you will actually have to pay: Invisalign vs braces.

3. Cosmetically pleasing
Whether you are a pre-teen or an adult, the clear braces offer an excellent opportunity to align your teeth without the stigma of the metallic look. Try to talk to others for real time Invisalign reviews.

4. Less pain
Many patients that had standard metallic braces often complained of the scraping of the metal on gums and mouth. There is some pressure pain associated with Invisalign, but that is typically with the insertion of each new impression. The pain lessens as the impression stretches to fit the mouth of the patient. This is a big consideration in the Invisalign vs braces topic.

5. Duration between impressions
Each impression is to be used for a two week time period, then a new one is custom made. The six week delay in receiving the new impressions is exasperating for the patients.

6. Less speech impediment
Standard metal braces inevitably caused the patient to sound like they had a mouthful of marbles. Although there is some speech alteration with Invisalign, it usually involves a minor lisp and does not seem to affect all patients.

Create your own Invisalign forum. Talk to people to get personal Invisalign reviews. Make a list of the pros and cons for you: Invisalign vs braces.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.