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How to Get Rid of Birthmarks? – Updated Article With Extra Information

Before finding out how to get rid of birthmarks, you need to know the various types of birthmarks there are in order to choose the right treatment method. The most common birthmark is probably the “port-wine stain”, because it has a red shade that darkens into purple. These can come in all shapes and sizes – some are just small, and others may cover big areas.

Another common birthmark type is called hemangioma. These are not flat like other birthmarks, but are actually raised a little bit off the skin. These may be darker in color, like purple and blue, and can appear on any part of the body. Another type of birth mark is called “café-au-lait” because they have a light brown color. These types of birthmarks are usually located on the legs or other body parts that you cover. Finally, there are “salmon patches”, which are small birthmarks with a light color, usually located on the neck or upper face.

Here are some ways to remove birth marks:

1) Lemon juice. It has proven to lighten birthmarks naturally, as well as to remove unwanted tans and lighten hair. It works for some people, but not others. If your problem is more serious, you might want to look into further options to get rid of birthmarks.

2) Direct Medication. You can take these corticosteroids orally or they can be directly injected into a hemangioma, which will make it shrink. However, there are side effects to this treatment of how to get rid of birthmarks, and one of them is weight gain. This treatment takes 2-4 weeks for the hemangioma to disappear.

3) Stronger Tablets. There are rare cases when corticosteroids do not stop the hemangioma from spreading again, so you may be prescribed interferon alfa-12 by your doctor. This is a very strong medication, but it has some bad side effects like liver problems, irritability, and fever, and it can take 3-6 months for the birthmark to recede.

4) Laser Therapy. This method gives fast results, and is best used to get rid of birthmarks like port-wine stains or other shallow birthmarks. The only problem with laser therapy is that it may not work on deeper birthmarks like hemangioma.

5) Surgical Procedure. If all else fails, this may be the only option left. It may also be a practical solution, especially if you have a birthmark that is on an internal organ and it is impeding your daily functions. Surgery would leave a scar, but it will still look much better than the birthmark.

6) Alternative Methods. The latest technologies in skin treatment are electrodesiccation and cryosurgery. Electrodesiccation involves treating the affected area with an electric needle. Cryotherapy entails freezing vascular marks by spraying them with a freezing agent.

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44 Responses to “How to Get Rid of Birthmarks? – Updated Article With Extra Information”

  1. 1
    Amie Says:
    I have a dark brown birthmark on my leg and i had swimming or wearing skirts and dresses because of it. how can i get rid of it safely?
  2. 2
    Stacey Says:
    hello. I have a cafe-au-lait on the side of my right leg. I'm thirteen years old, and its becoming summer time so i tend to wear shorts a lot and i HATE my birthmark. I always walk around with my hand covering it up because it makes me SO uncomfortable! I want to get rid of it, but i also don't want surgery or anything to do with doctars or lasers, can somebody help me?
  3. 3
    brandon Says:
    I have a nasty birthmark on the side of my head. It is chocolate colored and I use my hair to hide it but when I cut my hair you can see ornament people are always asking me about it, like its a flacky scar or something. I want to remove it, but I wonder if my hair will ever grow.
  4. 4
    jay Says:
    i have a birthmark right in the middle of my back it makes me uncomfortable at the beah becouse i can not tell if anyone is staring and it is realy embarrasing
  5. 5
    pamela Says:
    i have a birthmark above my lip and ppl always tease me about it and when im walking outside or meeting new ppl all they do is stare at me im dieing to take it off but my mom doesnt want me to should i take it off?
  6. 6
    kaye Says:
    i have a brown birthmark too on my face and it near at my nose... i hate this so much... i dont know what to do to get rid of it.. give me some advise pls aside from going to dermatologist and laser it.. tnx in advnce.
  7. 7
    Jessica Says:
    I have a cafe-au-lait b mark on the inside of my left leg and it's embarassing wen I change for p.e I'm 13 btw it makes me so insecure and yea..please help mee..ASAP
  8. 8
    Geena Says:
    Hi, i have a dark brown birthmark on the inside of my leg about the size of a £2 coin. i would really appreciate it if you could help me out and tell me some ways to get rid of it if possible without lazer surgery. Im so embarressed by it, i wish i could wear shorts in the summer instead of jeans :( its horrible sitting on the beach with all my mates in shorts and me in jeans. Please could you write back Help me out please
  9. 9
    saffron Says:
    like leah im 13 also and i have a huge birthmark on my leg peaple tease me when i get changed for p.e and i cant wear shorts skirts or dresses my mum let me remove it coz she thinks there natural has anyone found a solution to cover it up please respond x
  10. 10
    taylaa Says:
    hii i have a triangle light brown birthmark on my left about the sizeof a 5 cent coin. i can tell that when i meet new people that there looking at itt and litttle kids always say i have vegemite on my face and i also have one on the back of my leg and one on my hand i hate it i hate it i hate it ): but im oking for a way that i can remove it with out surgery like cream and stuff please helpp
  11. 11
    Mike Says:
    neck not next sorry**
  12. 12
    Sephy Says:
    What type is it and I might be able to help?
  13. 13
    Mike Says:
    I have a big birthmark on the left side of my next it pretty much covers the left side, sorta looks like a sunburn and i really wanna get ride of it im 18 yr old guy and its not helping me much with the ladies any help would be soooo awsome, and does anyone know of any natural not costly ways i could get rid of it???surgery isnt really in my budget :(
  14. 14
    Shannon Says:
    Hi... I have a light brown coloured birth mark on my left thigh and I am very embarassed about it I want it gone! Can anyone reply and give me some suggetions please? That would be great, thankyou x
  15. 15
    tre Says:
  16. 16
    neeti Says:
    hello ...i have a large choclate colour birthmark on my face and so get rid of it...plz help me out
  17. 17
    =( Says:
    I have a little brown birthmark on my nose which I want to get rid of. Isn't there a simple, fast, and easy way to get rid of it instead of surgery?!?! I guess I'll just have to wait till im 20 T_T
  18. 18
    ashley boucher Says:
    i have a like a pretty dark red birthmark on my butt/side of my leg and its really biiig, and its noticable when im in a bikini, what do i do
  19. 19
    Sephy Says:
    You can still get rid of it at your age if you want. xx
  20. 20
    leah Says:
    yeah i have this birht mark on the right side of my face .....nd it looks like a sideburn cuz its darker then my skin its like redish nd brownish nd i just dnt like it like i want to get rid of it btw im 13 so yeah yu kno ...lol but i dnt like it at all cuz its make it look like im growing a beard or something nd i was just wondering wat can i do to make it gone or like make it blen in with my skin tone
  21. 21
    Katherine Says:
    I have a cafe-au-lait birthmark which looks like a cloud on my upper arm. it makes me soo soo self concious. I think its revolting i want to get rid of it please answer me xx
  22. 22
    Peter Says:
    I have a birthmark on my forehead, and it really gets to me when people complain about having birthmarks on their arms, legs, and else where like that's a big deal...
  23. 23
    Latifah Says:
    Omg! You were the first one to say that..I have a Dark birthmark on my upper lip on one side..and everywhere I go people always looks at me..It's like their eyes are attracted to my face! I guess im always feeling depressed because everyone just makes fun of me/it
  24. 24
    Kate Says:
    I have a birthmark on my lip it is a chocolate brown color and i hate it i am teased about it all the time and i hate meeting new people because i know thats what they are looking at and thinking about. little kids always tell me that i have something on my lip too i hate it so much. please please help me
  25. 25
    Brandon Says:
    I have a coffee color birthmark on the right side of my cheek (face). Ive been getting a little bit embarrased of it. Im not sure if i should keep it or just build up my confidence and keep it?
  26. 26
    Stef Says:
    heey, i have a chocolate coloured birthmark on my left side of my body its not extremely dark but still dark enough that im cautious of it. on my left leg my birthmark goes from my thigh down to my knee then stops then it starts on the side of my leg (left leg) and in the middle. i have recently jusst tried laser treatment for this however it has been 2 weeks and the test patch that was done has changed in colour apparently this is normal. though i am scared that the old skin will not peel off and i'll be stuck with it. im always stressing out over it and always loose confidence when scoring a date or anything like that or ashamed to wear really nice clothes because of it and just want it off. can someone please help me any adivce from who ever has had the same problem please hellp me i will love you forever. (: many thankssss.
  27. 27
    Sephy Says:
    Hello, Can't you get laser hair removal on it first and then but skin on it? You could ask the doctor that. What type do you have?
  28. 28
    Laura Says:
    I have a rectangle birthmark on the side or my face edging into my eyebrow and its about the size of 2 50p's stuck together. i hate it hate it hate it, everytime i go swimming i have to keep my hair over my eyes just so people don't see it. i cant even tie my hair back! i really really want some help because mine is all hairy so i cant put skin over it because the hairs will grow back under it. PLEEEEEAAASSSEEE reply im begging you , the doctors say it's impossible and im drawn to killing my self please just help me ;[
  29. 29
    Sephy Says:
    Hello Alex, You published this ages ago but I thought like replying anyway. I have a cafe-au-lait birthmark on the right side of my stomach and it also goes right round (across) to about the middle of my back. I also have a small one on the back of my leg, a little one on my bum, two below my neck, on the chest area and one on my face. It's preety annoying but I can cover most of them up apart from the one on my face. I've read online that lemon juice, cucumber juice and gray clay makes them lighter, but I haven't dried It yet and probabley will get laser done. Laser isn't really surgery. It simply takes the darker pigment away from your skin, so don't think of It as something like breast inlargement surgery. Lots of love Sephy xxx
  30. 30
    chris Says:
    hey there, i also have a birthmark just like yours where it covers half my stomach and goes right round and a bit on my back, so have you found anyway to remove it or cover it up yet?
  31. 31
    alex Says:
    i have a cafe-au-lait on one side of my stomach and it goes right across to about the middle on my back i find it REALLY embarrassing when ever i wear a bikini so i put my arm around my body and i would like to find a way without surgery to get rid of it any suggestions?
  32. 32
    Kay Says:
    You and I have the same problem, and because of it I don't wear skirts or dresses and I haven't wore shorts since I was a little girl, so I never go to the beach even though I live in the caribbean which is hard to make excuses to not go when ever I'm invited so I just tell people I don't like the beach. I'm an adult now (early 20s)but I live with my family so I can't just sneak a doctors appointment to check removal options without telling my parents which is hard cause even they don't know about or remember my birthmark and I'm embarrassed even for them to see it cause they've never seen my bare legs since I was a child so I'm in a sticky situation. Willing to go get rid of it but not wanting anyone to know about it. So I have no idea what to do.
  33. 33
    cupcake... Says:
    i have the same problem, mine's abou the size of a quarter and it's right on the side of my leg, i'm really embarassed whenever i go swimming or am around other people when i'm in a bathing suit... can you help me?
  34. 34
    sam Says:
    i have a horrible brown bithmark about the size of 2p coin on my leg and it makes me feel so uncomfortable when i go swimming or to the beach and hav a bikini on . is there any way i can get rid of it without having lasery surgery ? please answer thanks x
  35. 35
    Alicia Says:
    Hi Frances, I have a very dark, chocolate birthmark under my left armpit and am self-conscious in the same ways you are (not wanting to wear a cute bikini or sleeveless dress, etc...). I hate admitting it, but I'm 33 and have never gained total confidence or lack of self-consciousness about it. I don't have any product suggestions for covering it up. I like the post that confidence is the best "cover up." I've thought of having it removed, but what I really want is to gain the guts it takes to just be me-exactly the way I am, with no apologies. Thank God my husband loves me for me and he actually thinks my birthmark is cool. I have had days when it's so hot, I wear a tank top and don't care who sees. I really believe that people won't think it's a big deal if I don't think it's a big deal. Getting to that point mentally and being able to keep that confidence on a regular basis is what I'm working for. I really want to set a good example for my kids and for other kids (or even adults) to be confident from somewhere inside themselves that doesn't have to do with our physical appearance. (I practice yoga and that helps with self esteem.:0) The more I think about it, the more silly it seems that I let a patch of skin on my body dictate and control so many of my decisions. LOL I know it comes down to wanting approval from others, and avoiding the pain of people making fun, but I think that the best people we have in our lives are going to those who don't judge us for our appearance. We have to accept ourselves the way we are before we can expect anyone else to do the same. That's the tricky part....:0)
  36. 36
    Frances Says:
    Hi, i have a very dark chocolate colored birthmark on my right breast. I would like to know what I can do to reduce it a lot! I am very self conscious about it, like I can never wear a cute bikini bathing suit, or any dresses or shirts with v-necks! Please email me, and thank you! By the way, ive tried multiple make-ups to cover it up, but its too dark to cover.. Any suggestions?
  37. 37
    Emily Says:
    i have a huge birthmark on the back of my left leg at the top , and i hate it i really want it to just go , i was even thinking to bleech it , i wont wear short dresses because it shows and i hate it , some1 please help me :(
  38. 38
    halima Says:
    Hi av got really bad birthmarks all over my right boob, it really gets 2me... av got a boyfriend and am really paranoid about him seeing it... :-( Sumtyms i feel so unattractive... i cant wear low neck tops n dresses n sumtyms i really wish i could.
  39. 39
    Crystal Says:
    I also have a birthmark (cafe-au-lait) it covers both my legs, my backside down the side of my face and neck. Don't let your confidence be affected by it! I was teased very badly as a child, I am now 28 and I do not let it bother me anymore. Confidence is the best cover up, be proud to be you just as you are :)
  40. 40
    VICTORIA Says:
  41. 41
    Prof. Nutralegacy Says:
    The pulse dye lasers seem to be an excellent way to eliminate unwanted birthmarks. Skilled cosmetic surgeons are very adept at this procedure. I think it is important to remember to be attentive to post-surgical care, so the wound from the laser heals as quickly and efficiently as possible. Comprehensive oral nutrition including ample quality protein, unrefined essential fatty acids, and adequate vitamins and minerals are all very important for proper healing after any surgery. This will help to ensure that you get the most out of the procedure itself. In Good Health, Meredith
  42. 42
    R Says:
    I Have One On My Nose It Must Be Called Salmon Patch. It's Got To Go !
  43. 43
    brenda Says:
    Can you explain wat prosedure? I have one on my leg n it drives me crazy.
  44. 44
    aj Says:
    I had a huge birthmark removed from my back using pulsed dye laser. It was really a fairly painless procedure and I'm not as conscious about it anymore.