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Oxygen Facials: do They Really Work?

Celebrities are becoming more conscious of their close-ups on high def television and movie screens and some have adopted a newer procedure to make them look younger. Oxygen facials have become a craze and some people are avidly proclaiming their benefits.


An oxygen facial is actually an airbrush process that is used on the body and face, delivering mixtures of pure oxygen and hyperbaric oxygen at a high pressure. It has been compared to a small power washer, pumping moisturizers and oxygen into the skin. The goal is to smooth the skin out while also moisturizing and is a much more friendly procedure than facelifts or the use of chemical peels or laser treatments.

The medical world hasn’t given the oxygen facial their blessing as they feel the effectiveness needs to have continued clinical studies. The results of the procedure are also temporary, even though celebrities rave about the fact that they can apply makeup immediately after using and their skin appears flawless. Treatments are recommended at once per week for around six weeks and then once per month after that. The price tag can be from $100 to $300 per treatment, so this can be a rather costly investment for something that doesn’t last. There are at-home kits that can be purchased for those on the lower budget end and they usually run around $100. However, the professional have made statements that the at-home versions are not as accurate or good as the professional treatments.

Some skin professionals have also recommended that an alternative to the oxygen facial might be a hydrating mask using hyaluronic acid. This is the chemical that is used in the serum during a typical oxygen facial and is proclaimed to boost moisture as well as the appearance of wrinkles by plumping the face.

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