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Pregnancy and Your Skin

Pregnancy is a time when your skin goes through many changes that not only make your skin dry and itchy but also can cause discoloration and changes in pigmentation. While many times the pigment may change on your face, it often occurs on the abdomen. These changes are caused by the influx of pregnancy hormones in your body. While not every woman experiences the same changes, many of the ones listed below are extremely common.

Pregnancy and Your Skin

1.Melasma and Cholsma

Also known as the “mask of pregnancy,” melasma causes dark spots to appear on your during pregnancy. Close to half of pregnant women experience this face pigmentation caused by an increase in hormones, and they usually appear on your cheeks or forehead. While there is nothing that you can do to remove it right away, you can prevent it by wearing string sunscreen and limiting your exposure to the sun. This is especially true for those with sensitive skin.

2.“Pregnancy Glow”

This “glow” is simply the result of increased blood flow in your body. You are, after all, carrying another life inside of you. Your body is pumping more blood and increasing the production from oil glands in your face. If your skin is too oily you can always use some face wash to remove some of the excess oil.


An increase in hormones always means an increase in acne. This is especially true with the excess oil being produced by your glands. Make sure you always clean your face and use astringent to get rid of excess oil. You also want to make sure to keep your hands away from your face and routinely sanitize your hands. Whatever moisturizers you use need to be oil free. Always check the labels.

4.Vericose and Spider Veins

As the uterus grows it puts more pressure on your vascular system and can therefore cause discoloration in your legs or varicose veins. With excess blood pumping through your body you should make sure not to sit or stand for too long and if the problem gets worse to wear compression stocking on your legs. Watch your diet and practice pre-natal yoga. It is amazinbg how much those two components help you with your circulation.

5.Stretch Marks

Yes, as your skin expands you are certain to experience stretch marks. In fact, over 90% of pregnant women experience them. If you see reddish lines running down your abdomen make sure to moisturize you skin with lots of vitamin E (oil free remember) and make sure to gain your pregnancy weight slowly. A rapid increase in weight is certain to heighten stretch marks.

Most of the changes to your skin that occur during pregnancy disappear over time after you have given birth. If you take the right preventative steps and eat a healthy diet you will be certain to minimize changes to your skin and to your pigmentation.

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