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Top 10 Weird Spots on Your Body Where You Can Find Freckles


  • A common misconception is that freckles are birthmarks. This is not true. Freckles are often the result of excess and as a result are commonly found on sun damaged skin
  • On how to get rid of freckles, lemon juice and skin moisturizer have both been known as potentially effective treatment methods
  • Wearing sunscreen or using other sun protecting means is the best bet in fighting this form of skin discoloration and excess skin pigmentation

For all we do to take care of our skin, certain little blemishes seem to pop up and hang around no matter what we do: body freckles. When you’re four, they are adorable. Once you start to get into the double digits, however, you start to get really tired of people calling you “freckle face”. This may sound crazy, but these little buggers seem to multiply. It’s like you can go to bed with a smattering of them on your face, but when you wake up, they have spread like an epidemic. Call it sun pigmentation, blame it on sun damaged skin, the point is that freckles are an epidemic if you have them. So let’s talk about the top ten weird spots on your body where you can find them – and, more importantly, what kind of skin care you can implement to finally make them less noticeable.

Just for the sake of fun, let’s start from the feet up – because that just happens to be spot number ten.

Spot #10: Feet

Freckles can show up in a number of areas, such as your toes and the tops of your feet. When we say body freckles, we mean it. Especially if you go barefoot or wear flip flops a lot, you can find these little spots all over your toes. You may try to put it off as a birthmark, but nobody’s buying that. How can you get rid of these spots without giving up the summertime pleasure of bare feet? Some people say lemon juice, others say moisturizer. Your best bet is to make sure you put sun screen on all ten little piggies.

Spot #9: Legs

The number nine spot is devoted to the legs. The calves are common, as are the knees, but the thighs are a breeding ground for body freckles. Because thighs are given to sunburn as well, it is a very common place for sun damaged skin to manifest into freckles.

Spot #8: Tummy

Number eight goes to the tummy. Unless you are genetically given to freckles then the most likely cause is sun damaged skin and your love of bikinis, cut away bathing suits, or crop tops. Again, your best bet is to wear sun screen whether you are out and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

Spot #7: Breasts

Next up is number seven, the breast/chest area – depending on your gender, of course. Women who are out in the sun a lot or who smoke, are especially given to freckles and age spots just above the breasts. This can make your skin look old and tired before its time, so moisturize and protect at all costs.

Spot #6: Back

Number six comes as no surprise. It is the back. Just about everyone has a freckle or a mole on their back, it is like a requirement. This is especially true for the guys, especially if they happen to go around shirtless a lot. The girls may like it, but your skin doesn’t – unless it’s protected.

Spot #5: Shoulders

Number five is devoted to the shoulders. This is terribly common. Sun and skin pigmentation problems typically show up in the shape of freckles of all sizes. If you frequently get sunburned, you will get freckles here. What does that tell you? Everybody is free to wear sun screen!

Spot #4: Neck

The number four winner is the neck. If you have a serious case of body freckles, some are bound to show up here. Due to the configuration of the face, they are slightly less common but definitely not unheard of.

Spot #3: Nose

Number three goes to the nose, of course. There is little to say about this spot, since it is the most common location. Just, for goodness sake, remember not to go out in the sun without protection! Otherwise, these things will spread like bunnies!

Spot #2: Eyelids

Number two, believe it or not, is the eyelids. The skin there is sensitive. You get sunburned a lot and it’s going to look like you’ve got a strawberry field growing on your eyes. In fact, some people find it even sexy looking…

And…Spot #1: Earlobes

Last but not least, the weirdest possible place people get body freckles is…their earlobes. Even your humble author has one. If you are good, you can paint it silver and pass it off as an earring, but if you have a bunch, don’t be surprised if someone wants to play connect the dots on those lobes.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

3 Responses to “Top 10 Weird Spots on Your Body Where You Can Find Freckles”

  1. 1
    Elissa Says:
    I have one on my pinkie, right near the nail. That's not a common spot. Freckles are not a bad thing. Everyone has them, really.
  2. 2
    Vincent M Says:
    Y'know, I honestly find freckles attractive, no matter where they are.
  3. 3
    Caitlyn R. Says:
    I have freckles all over the backs of my hands and they drive me nuts. But I've had them all my life and I've gotten used to them. They are a unique conversation starter.