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Staying Naturally Beautiful When You are over Forty

One of the biggest mistakes women make as they age is sticking with the same kind of makeup and applications that they used when they were in their twenties and thirties. Just because it looked good then, doesn’t mean you still should be using that heavy liner. Making the transition to an age-related look can actually make you look younger (yes, really).


The first step in being naturally beautiful when you are is recognizing that your skin has changed. That matte look makeup was great for its time, but you should now be investigating a high quality mineral make up. Mineral make up, depending upon the blend, actually reflects the light, allowing for a more sheer look but bringing the cover that you want. The finer the blend of the mineral makeup, the better it is.

A second step is to remember, less is more. Avoid the layers of eye shadow and go for a lighter, natural look. Get rid of all of those glittery and shimmery shadows and replace that eye popping colored lipstick with a more sheer gloss. Highlight the cheekbones in more subdued colors.

The final step is to actually examine the color choices you have made. Use the color charts for what is appropriate for your skin tone and hair color. Being over forty can be a glorious time, but you need to know that your skin tone is changing and you will need to lighten the colors of your makeup. This may also mean that you need to take a look at your wardrobe to make changes to colors and tones that will accent and highlight your best attributes. The right color choices can wake up your eyes, bring a glow to your skin and have people giving you compliments.

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