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Teen Skin: Natural Care for a Touchy Subject

What few people realize is that many of the chemicals that are found in the makeup that is promoted for today’s teens are well known and proven hormone disruptors. The manufacturers of these products are fully aware and yet they continue to market to the tweens and teens. Studies are showing that these hormone disruptors are causing early puberty.


Teen can be affected by an array of internal and external sources, but specifically hormonal levels and stress can wreak havoc on the skin. To compensate, teens overscrub, over cleanse and remove the natural oils completely from their skin. This causes the body to begin an excess of production, and it becomes a vicious circle. The goal is to use a skin sensitive, certified organic cleanser that is combined with essential oils.

Three of the best choices for teen skin include: lavender, which balances the hormones and acts as an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial; chamomile, which is anti-inflammatory and calming; and geranium, which is another selection for anti-bacterial and anti-viral. They are good for female or male and helps the skin to self-regulate and actually heal itself. The focus is to get to a skin balance so that it controls the production of the sebum oils.

If you are buying cleansers, read the package. Avoid any cleansers that contain sulfates. These heat up the skin and can cause irritations. Instead seek out coconut based and hand-made vegetables soaps. Cold-pressed that are certified organic and contain essential oils are the best. You may have to search for these, and will probably have to buy them at a natural retail health store. Try to avoid the trendy cleansers. An example of this would be tea tree soap. This actually burns the skin and can upset the ph balance. This is ok to dab a touch on an acne breakout or blackhead, but not as a facial scrub.

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