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10 More Ways to Remove Face Pigmentation

Last year we reviewed some helpful ways to remove various types of skin pigmentation from birthmarks to skin discoloration and even dark circles under the eyes. pigmentation often comes from the cosmetic we use as well as the UV rays we constantly absorb from the sun. This list contains additional strategies for removing pimples, blemishes and all types of skin pigmentation.

1)Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is the best natural way to cure all types of skin discoloration and pigmentation. The acid levels in lemon juice are potent enough to naturally bleach the skin and exfoliate the top layer of skin. Over time pigmentation will slowly fade away leaving behind beautiful natural skin.

2)Over the Counter Exfoliates

While lemon juice is extremely effective, there are many non-abrasive commercial exfoliating cleansers with natural ingredients that can be used as well. Simply use a sponge rubbing your face in a circular motion or use an exfoliating mask for amazing results

3)Raw Potatoes

Raw potatoes are perfect for small blemishes on your face and help to restore your skin. The potassium, sulphur and phosphorous in potatoes are the active ingredients.

4)Mint Leaves

A paste of mint leaves is extremely effective for face pigmentation, especially for acne and pimples. It stimulates blood circulation and restores dried skin.


Mixing oatmeal with curd and tomato juice is an effective way to lighten your skin. Just apply the mix for 20 minutes on your face and wash it away with cold water.

6)Gram Flour

Mix a tablespoon of gram flour with 2 teaspoons of raw milk and a couple drops of lemon juice and, voila, you get a perfect formula for lightening your skin. Applying this mixture for several weeks should give you noticeable results

7)Honey and Onion Juice

Honey and onion juice is perfect for both lightening your skin and removing pimples and acne. Just add a small amount of honey to the onion juice for best results

8)Alum and Black Pepper

Applying equal amounts of alum and black pepper to your face is a perfect cure for all kind of pimples and acne. Just apply to the affected areas of your face.


Jaiphal can be either mixed in milk for glowing gorgeous skin or can be combined with black pepper for acute treatment of pimples and blemishes.


When removing face pigmentation it is important to protect your skin with sunscreen. It has both preventative and restorative use and extremely important for your skin top block the powerful UV rays that we are all subjected to on a daily basis. There are many healthy and natural sunscreens available on the market today

No matter what strategy or combination of strategies you try, each of these is a great way to clear your skin and prevent further discoloration and blemishes in the future. To read previous articles about face pigmentation click here

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

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    Molly Says:
    All great remedies - have tried a couple myself. However, there is one unfamiliar one here - Jaiphal??? What's that? Never heard of it - can anyone provide more info on this one, I'm curious.