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Google Heath Review – Do You Want to Keep Your Medical Records Online – Part 2

What this means in simple English is that Google could get hundreds of millions of to enter their health records into the Google Health tool, and then it could sell these medical records online straight to a third party. These third parties most likely have different privacy policies that do not really have any privacy for the consumer, so they could sell these health records to anyone they want, such as to pharmaceutical companies, employers, governments, etc.

Imagine the following scenario: one day you go in for a job interview and then find out that you did not get the job because your potential employer was able to view your health records he had purchased from a third party company that had previously bought them from Google. Of course, this is a far-fetched example and certainly not Google Health’s intention; however, this is an unnerving possibility, which is written in Google’s own privacy policy. One review went as far as to say that Google Health, is a way to pull people into the already disease-ridden a system, where ongoing pharmaceutical treatments are something to aim for rather than avoid. According to this Google Health review, the new tool produces an illusion that organizing your medical records online replaces the much-needed improvement of healthcare.

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