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Clogged Arteries? – High Cholesterol Foods to Avoid at All Costs

If you suffer from clogged arteries, it is crucial to watch what you eat. There are various things you should stay away from, particularly high cholesterol and fatty foods. Yes, I know, you don’t really want to hear about it, life is short etc, and I completly agree. You think I don’t want steak every night for dinner – O yes I do! But facts remain facts, and this is what this article is about. The following is a list of high cholesterol foods to avoid if you have clogged arteries:

Clogged Arteries

Saturated Oils and Fats. The number one example of a food that contains these fats is butter. If you must, consume it in very small amounts, or even better, eliminate it all together. A simple way to distinguish fatty foods to avoid is to see if it solidifies when put in the fridge. If it does, then it is sure to go on the list of high cholesterol foods to avoid.

Fatty Meats. Things like ribs and roasts that come from pork or beef can contain very high levels of cholesterol. If you take the side dishes they come with into account as well, then the total amount of cholesterol can be shocking. It is also best to stay away from processed meats, because they contain mostly pure fat, mixed with other questionable ingredients.

Organ Meats. Obviously, this one applies only to certain people, who may eat these on a regular basis. Organ meats fall into the high-cholesterol category and should not be a regular component of your diet.

Chicken Skin. This is definitely one of the fatty foods to avoid, even if you really like the taste. You may allow yourself to indulge in it on special occasions, but other than that, it should be left out.

Egg Yolks. These are infamous for their high cholesterol content, and are not the same as the whites. You can eat egg whites to your heart’s desire, but egg yolks should be taken out, preferably. Also, if you partner your eggs up with bacon, sausages, or ham, your cholesterol intake is even higher.

Deep Fried Foods. This can include pretty much anything you can imagine – seafood, chicken, onion rings, fries, even things like deep fried cheese and ice cream! Anything deep fried makes the list of high cholesterol foods to avoid.

Fatty Milk Products. These include cheese, ice cream, and milk (unless it is 1 percent or less). “Creamed” things also fall in the category of fatty foods to avoid, and these include many soups, which are basically fat based.

Donuts, Cakes, Pastries. I’m sure you’ve heard that these are bad for you, but it is worth repeating that they are high cholesterol foods to avoid, and apart from clogged arteries, they also result in weight gain. Cookies and chips can also join this list, as they are also high in cholesterol and contain transfats, which are particularly bad for your health.

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