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Canned Goods Contain BPA

Bisphenol A (BPA) is an industrial chemical that causes health problems. Studies have linked it to obesity, neurological disorders and cancer, in addition to a reduction in sperm count. One study done in conjunction with the Food and Drug Administration has found that fetuses, infants and young children are at risk for adverse on the brain, behavior, and the prostate gland if exposed to BPA.


This stuff is found in the lining of the canned goods you purchase at the grocery store. Since the 1960s, this industrial chemical has been used in metal-based food and beverage cans and plastic bottles.

One study, published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology, analyzed various food products found in grocery stores. Of the 105 samples taken, 63 contained levels of BPA. The highest levels were found in Del Monte Fresh Cut Green Beans, followed a few Progresso soups. Other products that contain BPA include Enfamil infant formula and Chef Boyardee Spaghetti and Meatballs.

According to the current recommended BPA limits, the amount of BPA found in each of these is acceptable. However, some scientists question whether the recommended limit is too high. Another consideration is all the different ways people may be exposed to BPA throughout the course of each day.

If this is concerning to you, there are a few things you can do to reduce your exposure to BPA. The most obvious way is to choose fresh foods over canned goods. Some frozen products, like beans or meatballs, can also be BPA-free. In addition to what you get at the supermarket, think about what you order when going out to eat. Ask your server if there are any canned ingredients in the meal before you order. Also, stop microwaving food in plastic containers, which can cause BPA to seep into food.


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