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3 Reasons Your Fad Diet Will Fail

It seems like every day there a new fad diet enters the marketplace. Whether in magazines or on infomercials, we are constantly bombarded with new exciting ways to lose weight. Unfortunately few of these diets work. Most people start them in January as a New Year’s resolution only to forget about them by spring. Below are three reasons your fad diet will fail.

3 Reasons Your Fad Diet Will Fail

1) One Size Fits All

None of the fad diets are crafted to fit your unique body and metabolism. The one size fits all approach does not address your specific needs. Unlike a fad diet, a nutritionist can tailor a diet and plan that fits you and only you.

2) Plateaus
For the first month you will like you are seeing amazing results. You will be shedding pounds and looking thinner. Unfortunately most of the weight you are losing is water weight. Once you expel water and hit a plateau, these diets cease to provide the long-term results you crave. You get frustrated and simply give up on the diet.

3) Loss of Muscle

The truth is that building muscle also helps you burn fat. Gaining muscle wait while burning fat should be your goal. Most fad diets cut caloric intake and treat all calories equally. Since muscle weighs more than fat, chances are muscle loss is helping lower the scale. You might weigh less but it is doing nothing for your body mass index (BMI)

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