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Brain Hemorrhage: What Can Cause It? – Updated Article With Additional Information.

A brain hemorrhage is a particularly dangerous type of stroke that can quickly lead to death, or the impairment of important functions.
What happens in a brain hemorrhage?
A brain hemorrhage means bleeding in a specific area of the brain, due to a burst blood vessel. As a result of the bleeding, the tissues swell, and the nearby tissue is affected. As well as this, the blood begins to pool. This dangerous combination of swelling and pooling affects the rest of the tissue, and makes it hard for blood to reach other parts of the brain. Damage to brain functions occurs, such as vision, movement, and memory. If this process is not stopped in time, the person dies.

Brain Hemorrhage

What are the causes of a brain hemorrhage?
There are many possible causes for a brain hemorrhage. They generally occur in people older than 50, and in youngsters they are usually a result of a physical head trauma.
A major cause of a brain hemorrhage is high blood pressure. This extra pressure weakens the walls of blood vessels which can then leak, swell and ultimately burst.
Hemophilia, and abnormality of the blood vessels can lead to bleeding in the brain. Tumors can sometimes also cause a brain hemorrhage.

The risks of a brain hemorrhage
Strokes that are caused by a brain hemorrhage can be very dangerous, but less than one fifth of all strokes are of this type. Survivors often are left with some kind of permanent brain damage, as brain cells do not regenerate.

Preventing brain hemorrhages
Medical science has researched extensively into this field for many years, but has not made any major breakthroughs regarding prevention and treatment. The research has, however, come up with a list of risk factors. Several factors have been identified that can be helpful in getting closer to cerebral hemorrhage prevention.

· During and just after pregnancy, the risk of a brain hemorrhage is much higher than normal. As a result of this, any discomfort felt in the brain must be dealt with by a doctor.
· A high consumption of Aspirin and anticoagulant medications can also increase the risk of a brain hemorrhage, particularly if you have a heart disorder.
· Certain disorders of the blood, such as sickle cell anemia, hemophilia and others have been shown to increase the risk of a brain hemorrhage.
· High is considered by doctors to be one of the most frequent causes of brain hemorrhages. Blood pressure should be monitored, and if you have high blood pressure, it is particularly important that you avoid stressful situations, or learn to remain calm in them.
· Head protection should always be worn in any activity that could lead to a head injury.
· There is no particular method to predict if and when a brain hemorrhage could occur in infants. Unfortunately, this means that parents just have to be aware of the risks, and be ready to deal with any emergency as fast as possible

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15 Responses to “Brain Hemorrhage: What Can Cause It? – Updated Article With Additional Information.”

  1. 1
    gina Says:
    hi i have jst lost my Mam in June this year (2010) , I found her unconsious with blood coming from her nose and mouth, she was rushed straight to hospital, and was in intensive care untill they done a brain scan a few days later, to discover it was a massive brain hemmorage, they said it was the biggest one they had ever seen, I was told that all she would have felt was a big headache and a bit unwell, I am looking on the internet to find out why she had blood coming from her nose and mouth ? but have so far failed to find out why ...... can any one help on this problem xx
  2. 2
    Ben Soanes Says:
    Hi I need to some advice. Less than 48 hours ago I lost my mum to a brain hemorrhage. My mum is 63, she collapsed at 5pm and was taken by ambulance to hospital arriving at 6pm. I arrived at 9pm to meet my dad. My mum had I was told two scans which they knew was a bleed on the brain. Two hours later she was taken to the ICU neurology department where I was told she had another bleed and no surgery would help. I was totally stunned at the time and had little thought of anything other than my mum. Now in the cold light of day I want to know why no surgery or procedure was performed for 5 hours, why did ny mum lie their for 5 hours when they knew after two minuted she had had a bleed. Anyone help or advioce would be appreciated. Thanks Ben
  3. 3
    K Says:
    Of course in my reply, speaking of back of neck injuries, I mean traumatic injuries at the base of the brain. I may not have made that clear. Just a thought. K
  4. 4
    K Says:
    Hi Ruth, I'm sorry for your experience. Of your concerns, I might wonder about the possible trauma to the back of the neck from the swimming mishap. Maybe. Just that injuries, strains, shaking, that involve the head and neck are hard on the brain. Excessive exercise or hard straining of the neck backward, or tossing the head hard up and down, back and forth is risky. Makes me wonder if possibly hitting the pool with some force on the face could hurt the back of the neck, maybe. I don't quite understand the hitting episode, it doesn't sound good, but is a few months earlier and if - if hemorrhage was due to an injury, that is a distance of time away from my understanding of that. Doctors do have strongly varying opinions depending on their experience and their own temperaments. We've gone to major brain centers in the country and trust some information we receive, but not all of it. You must have reason to question these episodes for your daughter, trust yourself. Take care.
  5. 5
    Ruth Chrudinsky Says:
    My daughter had a brain hemmorage in Dec. 09. The specilist that attended responded to my question of (if a strong man uses both hands and hits them together over her ears as hard as he could a couple of months before this and several days before the brain hemmorage went swimming and hit her face at the bottom of the pool) The reply was the guy hitting her like he did wouldn't cause any of that. can someone tell me if that is true. Then you ask another dr. and he says yes.
  6. 6
    Ruth Chrudinsky Says:
    Hi Jamie sorry to he about your friend it seems that there have beed alot of people with this. I hear you we question God about alot of things don't we?
  7. 7
    Jamie Hilenski Says:
    I just lost one of my best friends Sunday 4-20-10 due to a brain hemmorage. I am still in shock, I know he had battled drug addiction periodically but I don't believe he died THAT way. Actually he died on his boat in the lake fishing. Ironically he had told me that when he died he wanted to go on his boat doing what he loved. So I am greatful for that part of it. I know he had heart problems...wow! This has all been so suddden and I am just trying to understand all of it. God says were not supposed to ask why. Sometimes ya just can't help it.
  8. 8
    D.C. Pandey Says:
    My son age 18 got brain hamerrage in Aug'08,the start of headche in the morning at 8Am was so sever that it finally converted to full unconcesioues to him ,since I was out of station ,my wife brought him to nearby doctor who referred for hospital either Apollo or Fortis at Noida. By God's grace and timely reach to hospital at Fortis ,he was operated within 2~3 hrs for brain surgery , a hemeatoma .Thank God ,he was saved. As on today he is on ESPELIN tab three times daily .A brilliant and intelligent young boy qualified IIT, suffered such problem.It now looks life is very very uncertain ,every next moment in uncertain. In such condition I am very thankful to all who prayed for my son and further request all concerned to kindly advise further.God is really great.
  9. 9
    alex Says:
    WOOW brilliant advice and suggestion! sorry for ur nephew; thanks for sharing alex
  10. 10
    tina Says:
    i have just lost my nephew who was 19 in jan 2010 he had a brain hemorrhage he callapesed at 2.50pm in his moms arms and died at 11.15pm the same night we were was with him when his took his last breath,we as a famliy have been trying to find out WHY,as he had never took any drugs,yes he had just started to smoke but only social with his friends,as the lady said he had every thing to live for,so im saying please tell your loved ones every day that you love them,as you never know what around the corner,god bless mitchxxx
  11. 11
    Doug Says:
    Had a subarachnoid brain hemorrhage in Oct 2007 and it's now Sep 2009. There is so much anxiety revolving around this issue one must do as the Lord instructs us: "Be not anxious in anything but in everything by prayer and petition with thanksgiving present your requests to God and the peace of God which transcends all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus." Talk to your Neurosurgeon and Neurologist. Ask them what they would do if it was them in regards to further involvement pursuing existing AVMs taking into consideration your age. If you feel the blood flowing in your brain during the hemorrhage, DON'T take aspirin as that is for heart attacks not for the brain problems. Call an ambulance immediately. Please, if they arrive soon enough they can help by giving proper meds to prevent damage. Don't argue with anyone and be prepared for the worst headache in your life until you reach the hospital. When they fly you in the helicopter don't look down. Get yourself a finger pulse oximeter.
  12. 12
    Reetesh Says:
    I came here to know in details how brain hemmorhage happens and causes death. i recently lost one of my friend. All of sudden she suffered from headache, bp fluctuated and in 2days she passed away. :( I sometime wonder, despite of gathering all infos and being alert top...keeping precautions, life is so uncertain and human being remain ignorant of what all happening in one's body. SO folks, i wanna leave a message here that gather all info, be alert and take precautions but live the life to the fullest. live every moment as if there is no tomorrow.
  13. 13
    ccc Says:
    Abram Hoffer check out on the internet of proper nutrition and diet. also included vitamin and mineral supplements. Thankyou folks for letting me know about causes of brain hemmorage, someone I knew just died march 18, 2010 he was using drugs, cocaine or heroine. Demon took over, he is gone.
  14. 14
    Justin Says:
    I had a really big drug problem mostly speed and i went on a 5 day spree and had a brain hemmorhage . I went back to the dr 2 months later and the spot was gone. Its been six yrs now and i havent touched anything and i have had no problems. I am however contimplating getting on some dietary supplements ad im tryin to find out if it is a good idea or not. So if anyone can help please email
  15. 15
    Emily Says:
    Drug abuse, especially cocaine, can be a culprit, too.