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Bad Cholesterol Foods – Why Your Food Shouldn’t Squawk

Bad cholesterol foods are often the ones than we enjoy the most! But fear not, only if you have a chronic case of high cholesterol to you have to cut them out of your diet altogether. The key for most people is just to reduce their consumption. So, what exactly is it that you need to cut down on? What are the bad cholesterol foods to avoid?

Bad Cholesterol Foods - Why Your Food Shouldn

Simply put – you need to be careful of anything that has legs. i.e. – any animal products. If it can’t walk, then you’ve got nothing to worry about. If it come from anything that squawks, moos, oinks or makes any such farmyard sound then you’re probably on to a loser.

So, here is the list of bad cholesterol foods to avoid: fatty red meat, egg yolks, high fat cheese, processed meats, whole milk, cream, ice cream, kidney, duck, goose and butter are all bad for your ticker. Once a week go ahead and pig out but keep it at that.

Clearly, many of these products have substitutes or more mild versions of themselves. High fat cheese to super low fat cheese, whole milk to 1 percent milk or Soya milk, ice cream to frozen yogurt. So its not all doom and gloom.

Its not just grunting farm animals that you need to worry about though, there are also some surprising bad cholesterol foods such as coconut oil, shrimp, palm oil and palm kernel oil. So if your favorite dish happens to be shrimp with palm oil you’re in trouble…

Next things to look out for, are the dreaded trans fats. Yes, you’ve heard it all before, you’ve read on multiple occasions about how bad they are, but do you still eat foods containing trans fats? Most people who know about the still do, purely out of habit.

Trans fats are formed when vegetable oil if heated with hydrogen present. The oil because hydrogenated, and then at room temperature it becomes hard. The list of trans fats foods to eat no more than once a week are: commercially baked goods, cookies and crackers, donuts (damn!) margarines, and fried foods of any kind.

These nasties are the worst of all for the big pump, and that is really annoying because they are also some of the tastiest. If you have read this information before, but then just kind of forget about it, then put a list of them in your car or on your fridge or something – whatever it takes to keep this information alive and fresh in your mind. Add the other bad cholesterol foods to avoid that I have listed in this article. By doing that, it will be easier to cut down on the bad cholesterol foods that are plugging up your pipes.

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