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Healthy Ways to Lower Cholesterol: A Major Concern When You Have Diabetes

A high cholesterol count of the LDL (low-density lipoproteins) is the key alert that every doctor looks for in your check up. A high LDL count leads to a plaque build up in the arteries which can restrict the blood flow. The additional danger is that the build up can rupture and a blood clot can be released into the artery, causing a heart attack as well as a stroke. Are there any healthy and non-medicinal ways to lower the LDL?

Lowering Cholesterol

One of the first things to remember is that there is an alternate cholesterol reading called the HDL (High-density lipoproteins). A higher HDL reading can actually help lower the LDL, because this is the good kind of cholesterol. The HDL actually assists in clearing the LDL, moving it to the liver where the body will process. So, raising the HDL cholesterol is an important factor. Since both LDL and HDL cholesterol is derived from what we eat, adding elements to the diet that will raise the HDL level, while not adding to the LDL is the first step.

Oatmeal is a marvelous food. It is a soluble fiber that gobbles up cholesterol. My favorite is a warm bowl of oatmeal, with a touch a cinnamon, low fat-low cholesterol margin, a touch of honey and organic skim milk. I do not use instant oatmeal, as they have a high sodium count. It’s important to make sure the oatmeal is warm and stirring as you add each ingredient. Another favorite is Chocolate chip Oatmeal Cookies. There are a number of oatmeal based cereals on the market, just be sure to read the labels to eliminate those that have preservatives and high sodium counts.

An easy and tasty treat that is high in anti-oxidants, flavonoids and Vitamin E are almonds; which help to keep the first step of the LDL from occurring, which is the oxidization process. I get the organic almonds from my health food store and eat them with the skins. They can be mixed in with yogurt and cereals as well as sprinkled in with your salad.

Flaxseeds are one of nature’s wonders. The best method is to eat flaxseed that is ground for better absorption. Flaxseed is rich in lignan, that keep your body from producing the LDL. As a ground product, you can add flaxseed in cereals, salads, and baked recipes. The ground version is recommended over the flaxseed oil.

Mom was right about an apple a day! Apples are high in antioxidants called polyphenols, which help keep the plaque build up from occurring. The skin of the apple is more vitamin rich, so whether you cut, slice or just take a bit, the apple is another healthy way to keep cholesterol levels low.

We all now that exercise is good for the body, but even low impact exercising can increase the blood flow and help to impede the plaque build up in the arteries. In this day and age of desk jobs and no time, there are a few ways you can add some exercise to your regiment. I park a bit farther out in the parking lot and then use the walk to the store door as a moment of increased exercise. Once inside, I know the aisles fairly well and I try to walk as fast as possible. Early morning walks with my dog are usually not that lengthy, but, we walk quickly. While I hate to house clean, it is a necessity, so I gear up for one to two hours of a higher impact vacuum, mop, dust and clean.


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