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5 Ways Your Married Life will Change after Having Children

Anyone that has had children may not remember what it was like for life ‘before children’. The days of being single, then married life or together with a significant other; choosing to go to a museum or concert or leaving for a weekend away. When we make the decision to start a family, we know that our lives change, but most people never really expect the complete and total one hundred and eighty degree turn around.


One of the first things that happens to your married life when you have children is that you might start to dislike your partner. Yes, it happens. Whether it’s hormonal turmoil or the fact that you suddenly realize how little he or she helps with certain chores or tasks, you begin feeling a higher level of distaste for the other person. It is normal, as long as you talk about it and make sure the communication levels are open.

Before kids, you both probably spent time nurturing your relationship. Since you are now lacking that time, that process goes to the wayside. This behavior also affects the third change to mention, which is how having kids affects your sex life. If you are lucky enough to have an excellent support factor of family and friends, you may get that extra time you need; but most don’t and your sex life will suffer for it.

Some couples begin a process where one or both devote so much attention and time to the baby that they begin to feel and act like they love the baby more than their partner. This is a common problem but one that usually is overcome with time and attention to each other. There are, however, women that focus so much on their children that once they are grown and out of the house, they find they have a feeling of and their partner is no longer the person they wish to be around. This problem should have been addressed in the early stages of having children as they have become more obsessed with their kids than is healthy.

The niceties are no longer part of your life. Where you used to buy silk blouses, now you go for wash and wear cotton blends. You have given up downtime, time with friends and literally live to get things done and then fall asleep, awaiting the next day.

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