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3 More Reasons Your Fad Diet Will Fail

4) Fad Diets Make You Feel Unhealthy
Most fad diets are completely counterproductive. They limit your caloric intake and substitute with artificial ingredients so you can “enjoy” the treats you love without gaining weight. Starving yourself will make you feel tired and exhausted and some point you will crack and binge. A healthy long-term approach will help you achieve your goals and develop a healthy lifestyle.

3 More Reasons Your Fad Diet Will Fail

5) Unrealistic Goals

So many fad diets over promise and under deliver. It is no wonder that so many people become disappointed and give up on their diets. Losing weight is a process and a slow and healthy approach is best. A couple pound a week should be completely acceptable. Chances are any rapid weight loss will be quickly followed with rapid weight gain.

6) Lack of Nutrients

Sure fewer calories will help you lose weight but if you are just counting calories and points you are denying your body nutrients that essential to your health. Many fad dieters often get sick because their immune system weakens as they deprive themselves of the vitamins and minerals their body desperately needs. You should want to lose weight to look and feel healthy, not just thin.

Eating frequent small nutritious meals along with exercise and adequate sleep is the best recipe for long term success. It is also important to get involved in a physical activity that you enjoy. Truly healthy and thin people view exercise and diet as a natural part of their daily hygiene, like brushing their teeth. If you can train yourself to think like that than you will be setting yourself up for long-term success.

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