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3 More Ways Your Tap Water Is Deadly

4) Chemical Spills
While this does not happen often, there is always the possibility that chemical spills can contaminate water supply. Lax regulation on heavy industry has threatened our water supply in the past and could happen again. Since most of our tap water comes from the ground, and other toxins can poison the soil and create significant risks to our health.

3 Ways Your Tap Water Is Deadly

5) Bacteria

Bacterial pathogens such as e. coli threaten our water supply. Chlorine in its proper dosage can kill these bacteria but there are times when the pathogens still survive. This can especially harm children and the elderly who have weaker immune systems.

6) Radioactivity
Radioactive minerals and gas can be found in drinking water, especially if the source is a reservoir or river that runs past a nuclear plant. Radon, for instance, is colorless and odorless but is an extremely dangerous carcinogen. It easily evaporates into the air and can be inhaled from your faucet. If you live near a nuclear facility you should research the levels of radioactivity in your water.

While most tap water is safe, these threats do exist and continue to threaten water supplies. Using a water filter will help you further protect yourself and your family.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.