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3 More Highly Dangerous Surgeries

1) Newborn Surgery
Surgery on newborn babies is one of the most dangerous surgeries because giving anesthetics to newborns can damage their brains. Newborns also lack the immune system to defend against infection and other complications. Brain surgery on newborns carries the highest risk. Unfortunately many newborns need surgeries to save their lives but even a delay of a few weeks can reduce these dangers.

3 More Highly Dangerous Surgeries

2) Cancer Surgeries
No matter where the tumor exists, all cancer surgeries carry high risk. Removing tumors often effects organs close to the tumor and can lead to internal bleeding. Surgeons have to carefully remove the tumor while protecting health cells from further damage. Many cancer surgeries are long procedures which puts the patient under greater risk. Plus, there is no guarantee that the tumor will not return in the future. Always consult your doctor and exhaust other treatment options before undergoing long intensive surgeries.

3) Reconstructive Surgery
Just like cancer surgery, reconstructive surgeries can be long procedures. While some are necessary, such as reconstructive surgery after , others are completely elective. Necrosis is a serious risk for surgeries such as tummy tucks that leads to the death of healthy tissue due to insufficient oxygen. Other risks include nerve damage and infection. These risks can outweigh the personal benefits of plastic surgery. Why risk the dangers of surgery if it is not completely necessary?

While all surgeries have risks, these carry a greater risk than many of the routine surgeries that happen daily. If possible, always exhaust other less risky treatments before surgery.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.