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3 More Ways the FDA is a Threat to Consumers

1) FDA Has Little Power to Remove Drugs from the Market
Once a drug has been approved it often takes someone’s death and a series of lawsuits to get the drug out of the marketplace. It is even difficult for the FDA to demand label changes or order more safety studies. The FDA needs to have more power to regulate drugs. Once a drug hits shelves it should not mark the end of all research and further regulation

3 More Ways the FDA is a Threat to Consumers

2) Increased Approval Speed
Whereas it took over two years to get a drug approved in the early 1990s, drugs can now be evaluated and approved in less than a year. Drug companies want to get their products to market as soon as possible because, as mentioned above, it is extremely difficult to ban a product after it is marketed. The FDA has not been able to ensure drug safety simultaneously. If drugs are coming to market quicker and the industry is becoming increasingly competitive then the FDA should at least be able to act retroactively.

3) Too Many Warnings, Too Little Action
Often companies receive numerous warning before any serious action is taken by the FDA. This is most notable in the dietary supplement business. Often manufacturing facilities will get repeated warnings for uncleanly facilities and poor manufacturing practices. Once the FDA or health inspectors are gone they go right back to their same old practices. The FDA needs to enforce their warnings with more consistency to protect consumers.

The FDA has taken serious steps toward reform in recent years but there is still a long way to go. With more regulation and less special interests the FDA could seriously increase their efficacy.

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