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3 Deadly Misdiagnosed Diseases

Scary as it sounds, there are a number of diseases that can be easily misdiagnosed. With so many diseases sharing common symptoms, it can be easy to mistake something severe as something minor. Below are 3 deadly commonly misdiagnosed diseases.

Deadly Misdiagnosed Diseases

1) Stroke
You walk into the doctor’s office and tell your doctor you have blurred vision, headaches, numbness and loss of balance. It is highly likely that you are experiencing Vertigo or Migraines, but they could all be symptoms of a Stroke. For people under the age of 45, 14% of strokes are misdiagnosed. This misdiagnosis could lead to another stroke and permanent brain damage, not to mention death.

2) Heart Attack
You feel tightness in your chest and you are having trouble breathing. It could be a panic attack, or it could be something much more serious: a heart attack. Since shortness of breath could be the only symptom, it is very easy for a doctor to misdiagnose. Women in particular have milder heart attacks and therefore close to half of female heart attacks are initially misdiagnosed. If your doctor’s treatment does not work see a cardiologist immediately.

3) Cancer
Breast and colorectal cancer are the two most misdiagnosed forms of cancer and they lead the way in malpractice claims. Doctor’s do not always stick to their screening guidelines and often miss opportunities to make an early diagnosis. This can be deadly as the cancer can eventually spread to other parts of the body. Make sure to go regularly for tests and cancer screenings.

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