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10 Tips How to Get Rid of Face Pigmentation

Face Pigmentation

  • A few drops of cream and lemon juice makes for an effective skin discoloration duller and natural acne treatment
  • A combination of lemon juice and basil leaves can help reduce the appearance of harsh pigmentation, some birthmarks and dark circles under eyes
  • Cucumber juice can help with some birthmark removal by decreasing dark color spots on the skin

When it comes to face pigmentation, it can be a very embarrassing thing to deal with! After all, in this day and age, no one wants to go outside of their house without looking their very, very best. So, how do you get rid of face pigmentation? Is there an actual way to get rid of birthmarks such as these? Of course! There are many different remedies that will help with getting rid of face pigmentation and birthmarks; you just need to know exactly what to do. So in this article, we will explore the top ten methods to get rid of that face pigmentation and make your flesh look amazing!

1. Cream

One of the very first methods that we are going to tell you about can actually become part of your facial skin care routine as it was designed to help your skin look and feel younger. Take some fresh cream and add in a few drops of lemon then apply to your face for a few minutes and you have an instant pimple remover/pigmentation duller!

2. Basil Leaves

If you are not exactly into putting fresh cream/lemon on your face, there are quite a few more methods for you to be able to try. For example, wetting holy basil leaves down with lemon juice is a fantastic way to get rid of dark circles as well as those pigmentation marks that have been bothering you forever. Just lay them over your face and you should be seeing your skin lighten right up!

3. Cumin Seeds

Number three on our list is boil some cumin seeds together and wash your face in the cumin seed water. This will enhance your beauty by washing away those marks; no really, try it!

4. Orange Peels

Number four is up next and it is grinding up dried orange peels in a little bit of water and applying that paste onto your face. This will not only clear up the face pigmentation, but you will also notice a decrease in pimples!

5. Guava Banana

Number five is grinding up guava and banana into a paste and placing that all over your face. This is a great way to decrease the look of pigmentation on your face and to improve your skin over all! Only five more to go folks!

6. Cucumber Juice

Applying cucumber juice to your face has also been known to decrease any color marks in your face along with any acne you may have. That is why this one is number six on our list!

7. Rose Water

Rose water along with some lemon juice is number seven on our list and this should be done every day. After about a half hour of adding this concoction, you should wash your face with all-natural soap.

8: Fresh Radishes

Another method is to add in a few fresh radishes into your diet. Radishes have been known to get rid of not only pimples but also get rid of face color.

9 and 10. Healthy Diet and Fresh Air

Finally, the last couple of tips of the day to get rid of face pigmentation are going to be fused together as they are both very important. If you have bad skin, it is very important that you keep up a proper diet and ensure that you enjoy a few minutes of fresh air every day. These are both important points as you need to take care of your body and your body will take care of your skin.

That you have it! The top ten tips and tricks to get rid of face pigmentation! Take these all into consideration when you are attempting to lighten the natural color of your face and you should be fine!

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

One Response to “10 Tips How to Get Rid of Face Pigmentation”

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    Marie Says:
    Has anyone tried any of these methods? My daughter suffers from this, and I'd like to know what to try first and what is most effective. Of course, I can't get my hands on all of them, like guava. And fish cream? Where do they sell that?