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What to Do If You Have Itchy Skin No Rash? – Updated Article With Extra Information.

Typically, itchy skin is accompanied by a rash or bite of some kind, and in such cases the cause of the rash is obvious. However, it is possible to have itchy skin with no rash. This can be frustrating as there is no clear cause and the sufferer more often than not does not know what action to take.

Skin itching no rash causes:

Dry skin: This is the foremost cause of itchy skin. This is a non-serious problem, although the symptoms can be uncomfortable. It is not always visible, but it is certainly felt. The skin may, however, flake, peel or scale.

Scabies: Caused by a microscopic mite called Sarcoptes scabiei, this little critter can cause intense itching, particularly during the night. This mite spreads from person to person at a rapid rate and is highly contagious.

Poor blood circulation: One of the more difficult to recognize causes of itchy skin, poor circulation has been know to directly cause itches.

Iron deficiency in women: this is especially common during menstruation, and it can lead to itchy skin on any part of the body.

Obstetric Cholestasis in pregnant women: This can cause itchy skin and is a result of the accumulation of bile in the body.

Skin itching no rash treatments:

Scratching will not help, and incessant scratching can lead to infection and inflammation. Therefore it is important to take action. Calamine lotion is a great product for easing itchiness no matter what the root cause. Icing the area can also be very effective, as it numbs the nerves. It also keeps the area cool and well- hydrated. Rub the ice on the affected area twice or three times a day. You should rap the ice cube in a small cloth so that contact with the skin is not direct.

Your diet has a direct effect on itchiness. Eat more juicy fruits and green veggies. Avoid fried and oily foods. In addition you should make special effort to drink plenty of water.

If your itchy does not go away, and your dermatologist does not diagnose you with a non-serious ailment such as dry skin, then you might need to take blood tests as there is a very small but possible chance that the skin itchiness is a result of a serious medical condition such as a liver problem. Typically though, such serious problems are associated with a whole range of additional side effects.

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8 Responses to “What to Do If You Have Itchy Skin No Rash? – Updated Article With Extra Information.”

  1. 1
    sbongile Says:
    i also had the same problem of itch more specially at bed time. when the itch starts i put some vaseline or any thing tht could make my skin moist after that the itch is gone .
  2. 2
    ange Says:
    I have aproblem with my body ; is itching day&night i dont no what to use ive been taking some elergy tablets using creams.ect but no help after all pls help me.
  3. 3
    mp Says:
    Just in the last two weeks I have awoken to find the sides of my abdomen and my lower and middle back extremely itchy. I'm 35, not fair-skinned, and have not had any dermatological issues in the past. No rash, bite, or other irritation is visible. Any ideas?
  4. 4
    Robert Nasango Says:
    Every night my body gets itchy. Could this be a sign of an underlying medical condition or maybe just an alergy.
  5. 5
    zykiyah Says:
    Well I think that you may have solved my problem without me going to the doctor, I have been diagnosed with low iron some years ago until I am anemic. I have iron supplements to take but I just keep forgeting to take them, but I don't think I will anymore because I itch so badly everywhere and I thought it was my nerves, I 'm still going to go to my doctor but I think you said it all.
  6. 6
    steve Says:
    Dee, I had a similar problem. My skin is always itchy, especially my scalp and back. After various diagnosis, I just saw a dermatologist at Yale who said I had low iron. It seems this causes itchy skin. I am now taking iron supplements but it's only been a few days so i don't know if it will help. He seemed very confidant this was the cause. Don't know why the other doctors didn't find this. I doubt it's allergies as antihistamines don't help.
  7. 7
    Dee Says:
    This is crazy! I always seem to get ths sudden itch like a bite, but there is no bump or rash. Sometimes I get an itch so sharp and sudden I can literally hear szzzz, like a static charge! This problem has been happeing for many years. I am 52 years young have dry skin problems always, but I honestly don't believe these sudden itches are from outside, they are from within. It is also very embarrassing when in the presence of people to go at that sudden itch. So, this happens anywhere. I don't want to hear the doctors prescribe topical creams. I do take supplements such as vitamin B complexes, hair, skin and nail supplements, ashwagandha (wild cherry bush), but again, this is a very old issue.
  8. 8
    Merri Says:
    I have found that St. Ives Collagen Therapy works great for itchy skin no rash problems. It's very soothing and helps strengthen the skin.