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How to Treat Itchy Skin Around Eyes? – Updated Article With Extra Information on Itchy Skin Under Eyes

If you have itchy around your eyes, or itchy skin under your eyes, it is most likely because of certain make-up products, like eye shadow, mascara, eye-liner, and even foundation may lead to skin irritation, which causes the itching. Needless to say, you should stop using these products immediately. If this doesn’t help, you can try using hydrocortisone products, which you can find in most drug stores without a prescription. Apply this topical cream two times a day onto the itchy area, but be careful not to get it in the eye. Sometimes a simple antihistamine that is sold over the counter will help, but try the topical cream first. If it is still itchy after that or for 5 days or more, then you should consult a physician or dermatologist, who can prescribe something stronger.

If the cause of the itch is simply dry skin around the eyes, then you should regularly apply quality moisturizer to the area. Do not use abundant amounts of moisturizer and make sure to get a special one for sensitive skin. Also, you should not use regular soap on the face, since it dries out your skin. Use a moisturizing face wash instead. Apply the face wash gently rubbing it with your fingertips in circular motions. You should apply the moisturizing cream onto your face while it is still damp. This way it holds the moisture better. Pat the eye contour area gently so that you reduce puffiness and dry itchy skin.

Supplements and minerals can also have a significant effect on the health of your eyes, as well as the area around them. Minerals assist with metabolizing vitamins in the body. They also help with balancing the hormones in your body. Selenium and Zinc are the ones that are responsible for preventing various diseases that have an impact on the eye area. You can find Zinc in red meat, wheat, and oysters. Lutein, another useful mineral, is abundant in collard greens and spinach. You can find Bioflavonoids in vitamin C rich foods. Substances from these foods are converted to vitamin A by Carotenoids, and this is an excellent source of antioxidant protection. Omega-3 fatty acids are also great for the health of the eyes and the surrounding area, and they can be found in most seafood. They are also a great source of antioxidants.

Of course, itchy skin around eyes is not a serious problem, but if left untreated it can have unpleasant consequences. You might notice a significant change in the way the skin looks, and the eyelids may become darker. Some people may develop something called atopic pleat, which is a skin fold under the eyes. These problems are mostly caused by excessive scratching of the skin around eyes. This area has fewer oil glands than other body parts, so it is very susceptible to dryness. If left untreated, the dry itchy skin may eventually lead to flaking, thinning, and wrinkles.

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    Mary Lou Says:
    I have used Oil of Olay products for years for dry and itchty skin all over my face, especially under my eyes. I've never had a problem with it and it works well, but if you have issues with something like this, look for a moisturizer that's water based and not oil based.