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Too Much Bathing Results in Dry Itchy Skin

Less Bathing Results

  • Since the bathing process removes many essential skin oils, and because a lack of moisture is what causes dry skin, it sometimes leaves the skin prone to dry skin irritation and dry itchy skin
  • Dry skin remedies such as keeping a shower or bath to less than 15 minutes and using mild soaps are very effective
  • After bathing, it’s best to apply a good dry skin lotion or skin moisturizer to help protect against dry skin

Our skin is one of most prominent features of the body and it is also the largest organ we have. Our skin gives us protection against the environmental pollutants and also contributes to our appearance. This organ needs proper care on a regular basis in order to remain healthy. Our skin, when healthy and kept in good condition, will look attractive and this may be the first impression you make when presenting yourself to other people. In order to maintain healthy skin, it must be cleaned regularly. Many people think showering or bathing every day is the proper maintenance schedule for our bodies. However, it is now stated that every day bathing may be unhealthy or even detrimental to the skin.

Bathing is defined as immersing all or part of the body in water or some other liquid, for cleansing, refreshment, etc. Bathing is regularly practiced in order to maintain hygiene and it has therapeutic and religious values as well. For some people bathing is a form and means of recreation. Bathing is a very essential part of skin cleansing, and it promotes hygiene. But bathing also removes the natural oils present in our skin and that can cause dryness and irritation as well. So it is better to bathe just once a day. There may be exceptions to this rule, taking into consideration personal activity levels and job environments.

Bathing can have harsh effects on the skin if proper soaps are not used. In addition to the use of good cleansing products while bathing, too much scrubbing can also cause dryness. When skin is overly dry, it can cause severe skin itching and irritation.

In order to prevent the after effects of bathing, you can try the following tips:

• Bathe just once everyday: Bathing just once in a day is enough to maintain proper hygiene. If your skin type is oily, or you are located in a humid and warm environment, bathing twice in one day can be effective. Other factors may be that your physical level of activity requires you to bath more than once a day. However, if your skin falls under the category of being abnormally dry, once a day may be too severe and you may want to consider bathing on alternate days which would be less traumatic for your skin.

• Use warm salt water baths and reduce the bath time: Using hot and salt water for both baths and showers in addition to spending a long time under the water can actually remove the oil from the skin, thus making the skin too dry. You should not bathe for more than 15 minutes and also use warm water, instead of very hot water.

• Use proper soaps: You should always choose a soap that is mild and gentle on the skin and has fat and oils as part of its ingredients. Some soaps can be called super fatted products because they actually do contain fats and oils added to the soaps right after the process of soap manufacturing. These help in retaining the delicate oil balance of the skin. You can also use bath oils while bathing, as these act as moisturizing agents. You may want to consider an alternative that can be a substitute for soaps. There are various products available in the market that can be used as a substitute for soaps, but these may also include synthetic detergents, though mild. Other than that, these oils might also contain surfactants or wetting agents. If you have a sensitive skin, you should use a mild soap and limit the use to only your hands, feet, face, underarms and genital areas. Many soaps that are made with natural ingredients can be purchased at a health food or natural food store.

• Pat dry: After bathing, pat your skin very gently with a soft towel instead of harsh rubbing. This will help to keep some moisture on your skin. It is best to immediately use moisturizer or an oil product on your skin after you have bathed to prevent dryness.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

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    Elliott Says:
    Hi, I'm wondering what is the optimal number of times to bathe per week? It's definitely a North American thing to do it every day, and I know that in other cultures people don't bathe nearly as much as we do. So, how much is best?