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Leading Causes of Dandruff

There can be many causes for the flaky condition known as dandruff. Some are self-induced reasons, some are health and medical related and some can stem from both internal and external situations. Let us take a look at some of the leading causes for dandruff so we can become better acquainted with this dry itchy skin condition.

Leading Causes For Dandruff

Over use of blow dryers, frequently washing the hair and using products improperly or more than required can result in dandruff or dry scaly skin on the scalp. Some ingredients in shampoos and other hair products can cause or worsen the condition, as well.

Many times poor and unhealthy diet habits can result in dandruff and hormonal imbalances. How the body reacts to stress and inadequate rest can be linked to leading causes of dandruff. Staying properly hydrated is also important.

Dandruff can sometimes result from an allergy. The allergy may stem from certain foods an individual eats, or from products being used on the body.

The onset of winter can often be the cause of dry itchy skin since the air is dryer. It can also make many individuals who already suffer from dandruff have to tolerate an increase in the loose flakes.

There are many medical conditions that can also be considered in the many leading causes for dandruff. Medical conditions such as hypothyroidism, vitamin B6 deficiency and some autoimmune diseases can be the cause for dry scaly skin. Thankfully, there are many natural cures for dandruff out there. One simply has to look to find them.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

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    Elena1 Says:
    I am looking for a foolproof (!) way to deal with my dandruff. I have tried the main commercially available products, and now want to try some homeopathic remedies that could help with this problem. Any suggestions would be gladly accepted! Thanks!