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What Causes Bags Under Eyes?

Under Eye Bags

  • Surprisingly, lack of sleep is not the most common cause of puffy bags under eyes and dark circles, in fact, genetics plays a big role
  • Dark circles under eyes can be prevented with cosmetic procedures such as surgery

  • No one wants to wake up in the morning with puffy bags and dark circles under their eyes. However, it does happen to the best of us. Even though we may get used to those unsightly bags, we may wonder what causes bags under eyes.

    The Most Common Causes of Puffy Eyes

    1. Many people believe that under eye bags are caused by a lack of sleep and there is some truth to that theory. When we’re tired, it’s not just our minds that feel groggy. The lack of sleep affects our muscles, including those that help make our skin look tone. However, sleepiness isn’t the most common cause of those black circles.

    2. Genetics is a big factor. Chances are if you have parents who suffer from this same problem then you’re going to stand a good chance of dealing with a similar issue. Some people just have skin coloration that is more likely to darken either in certain conditions or with age. There’s not much you can do to mitigate those causes.

    3. Another issue is age. We all know that gravity plays havoc with our bodies, but we may not have imagined it would cause problems to the skin below our eyes, too. The problem is that it does. Plus, there are other affects of aging that cause that puffiness. For one, we normally have deposits of fat around our eyes as a cushion to protect them from damage. As we get older, the fat leaves its areas and starts moving into other parts and that causes puffiness. With age, the skin muscles loosen and the collagen in the skin degrades. These two problems combine and end up leading to bags under eyes.

    Dealing with Bags Under Your Eyes

    1. Knowing why you have those dark and puffy areas around your eyes may not be much consolation when you look in the mirror. However, there are ways to minimize the problem. For minor problems, make-up can sometimes do wonders. Other temporary options include cold packs that the swelling around the eyes and even the long-touted hemorrhoid cream which reduces puffiness but must be used with caution around the eyes.

    2. If you want something that will provide longer lasting improvements, you may need to see a cosmetic surgeon. Injectable products, such as Restalyne, have been effective in improving the sagging. The Restalyne fills up the area. These treatments can last between 6 to 9 months then can be repeated.

    3. You can also have a type of surgery known as blepharoplasty which is basically an eyelid lift. The cost of this procedure is a bit pricey at around $6,000, plus you’ll need to have a little time to recuperate and you’ll need to deal with the risks of surgery. However, if you’re fairly young and already having problems with eye drooping, you may want to consider this treatment because it lasts up to two decades. The bottom line is if you already know you have a genetic predisposition to eye bags you might want to start saving up for that eyelid surgery now.

    The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

4 Responses to “What Causes Bags Under Eyes?”

  1. 1
    Remove Eye Bags Says:
    I think surgery for eye bags is definitely a viable option. After making all the right lifestyle changes I still have those dark circles! Unfortunately in my case having eye bags is caused more by genetics than not getting enough sleep or dietary issues. Thanks!
  2. 2
    Prof. NutraLegacy Says:
    In response to Archie and Hannah, I would say that if you do try hemorrhoid cream, obviously be very careful not to get too near the eye when applying. Hemorrhoid creams are made to shrink swollen tissue, so that is why is may have benefit in reducing bags under the eyes. Of course getting enough sleep is paramount to helping with this condition. There are also a number of very good topical creams that are specifically made to help relieve bags under the eyes. Anything that helps improve elasticity will help, and that type of active is often included in the topical product. Home remedies include anything that has astringent qualtities such as witch hazel (available and very inexpensive at the drug store) or tea bags. Astringents help tighten loose skin, and can often help with bags under the eyes. Even applications of cold packs can help for a quick fix. Thanks for your comments, Meredith
  3. 3
    hannah Says:
    i still dont know what to do need more help !!!!!!!!!!!1:(
  4. 4
    Archie M. Says:
    Hemorrhoid cream? I've never heard of this as an option, and I think I would be very hesitant about using something this potent near my eyes.