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What Are Some Important Liver Health Facts?

Understanding some important liver health facts will allow you to prevent any damage or problems with this organ. Your liver is the largest organ that you have, and it does a very hard job. This organ takes care of over two hundred different functions for your body, and without it you would perish. That is a big job from something that only weighs three pounds in a normal adult, even when your liver is in great health. When problems or diseases occur, the symptoms can range from mild to life threatening. Alcohol and drug abuse play a large part in problems with liver function and diseases, and liver detoxification may be advised to help clear out the overload of substances and toxins in your body. This can be done using liver detox diets, or you can use liver detox herbs like milk thistle and others.

Liver Health Facts

Liver health facts show that disease and problems with this organ can be caused by many different things. Viruses, bacterial infections, substance abuse, medical conditions and diseases, and even poor nutrition can result in problems with the function of this organ. In severe cases a transplant may be needed to avoid death if the damage or disease is bad. Liver health facts show that in some cases liver detoxification may be very helpful, because it takes much of the stress and strain off the liver by eliminating toxins in your system without causing this organ to work harder. If the damage to your liver is caught in time you may be able to recover fully, because in mild to moderate cases your body will regenerate new tissue to replace what is damaged.

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