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5 of the Healthiest Breakfast Cereals

In a breakfast food market where sugar and cinnamon reign supreme, it can be difficult to discern what cereals offer the most nutritional value. The following options have been consistently rated among the healthiest of all breakfast cereals. Though they don’t necessarily pack the biggest punch in terms of flavor, combining them with fresh fruit can help start the day off right:


1. Fiber One – Featuring an unbelievable fiber concentration of 28 grams per cup, as well as zero grams of sugar and only 120 calories, Fiber One was crowned the number-one cereal to eat by Men’s Health.

2. Cheerios – Cheerios is one of the most popular choices for kids, and with good reason. It ranks among the most nutritional cereals on the market in sugar, fat, and calories, and has only 103 calories per cup. Plus, Cheerios recent went non-GMO.

3. Frosted Mini Wheats – While anything with “Frosted” in the title would appear unhealthy at first glance, this delicious alternative from Kellog’s is high in fiber, uses whole grains, and contains only 200 calories for a large serving. Despite the somewhat high sugar content, it received a high rating by Consumer Reports for overall nutritional value. Mix it with a lower sugar cereal to even things out.

4. Go Lean! – Along with Fiber One, this may be the mostly highly ranked cereal for those seeking a health-conscious breakfast. Sporting 10 grams of fiber per cup and 9 grams of protein, it also has a sweet cinnamon taste.

5. Grape Nuts – Post Grape Nuts comes highly recommended by LiveStrong, who point out that these crunchy nuggets, with their high levels of and iron, make them an ideal supplement for fruit and yogurt parfait.

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Breakfast is often the only meal eaten before a work or school day. These healthy alternatives are loaded with fiber, protein, and whole grains, all of which will prove to be bountiful sources of useful energy.


The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.