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Types of Dysmenorrhea Treatment

Dysmenorrhea results in severe cramps and at times can be debilitating to the woman suffering from these . Dysmenorrhea is one of the main causes of irregular menstrual cycles in young woman. Treatment can take place at home or by a physician with prescribed medication.

Types Of Dysmenorrhea Treatment

Types of dysmenorrhea treatment if the pain is severe and ongoing is prescription medication or over the counter pain relief. Anti-inflammatory drugs are often helpful in relieving symptoms of pain and inflammation. Drugs such as naproxen, ibuprofen and acetaminophen are helpful in pain relief. Anti-prostaglandins are also routinely used as types of dysmenorrhea treatment. Anti-prostaglandins have an 80% success rate in most women.

Knowing the causes of dysmenorrhea can prove helpful in the treatment plan. Many times changing your diet and implementing a routine exercise plan will help improve many types of menstrual disorders and provide relief from many of the symptoms.

If the pain is severe and you receive no relief from prescribed medication or changes to your lifestyle it may be necessary to discuss further types of dysmenorrhea treatment with your doctor. A physician may look at the underlying causes of dysmenorrhea in your body and recommend a more advanced treatment plan. If you are nearing menopause and suffering from secondary dysmenorrhea further history may be obtained to determine if surgery should be recommended.

Whichever level of symptoms you experience treatment options are available to you and can provide a quality of life that does not stop each month.

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