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Tips for Natural PMDD Relief

Many women are looking for natural PMDD relief when suffering from the symptoms of both PMS and PMDD. With the many causes of irregular menstrual cycles, there are various types of relief that can decrease pain and symptoms associated with PMS and PMDD.

Natural PMDD relief begins at home. A poor diet is one of the main causes of irregular menstrual cycles. Women who suffer from bulimia or anorexia often times do not even have a period as with women who have undergone extreme weight or gain. By eating a balanced diet and incorporating foods rich in magnesium and other vitamins like B6 and E you can prevent yourself from experiencing many of PMS and PMDD symptoms. Magnesium reduces PMS when taken on its own as well. Recommended doses of magnesium include 200 mg three times daily as a means of natural PMS control. Taking vitamin E can also reduces symptoms associated with PMS, including depression, anxiety, irritability and sugar cravings. Recommended doses of vitamin E are 800 units daily for a natural PMS control.

Eliminating caffeine and caffeine containing foods like chocolate from your diet can also provide natural PMDD relief. Caffeine can actually cause women with PMS to be more anxious and more fatigued when coming down from a caffeine high. When this happens symptoms of PMS are exacerbated. Natural health food stores offer healthy options in the treatment of PMS. There are all natural teas and herbal pills available that can provide relief from those painful and annoying symptoms that seem to hit every month.

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