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Causes of Dysmenorrhea

There are many causes of dysmenorrhea among women. Normally irregular periods are nothing to be concerned about, but occasionally, they can signal types of menstrual disorders or even health problems. Dysmenorrhea results in severe cramps and at times can be debilitating to the woman suffering from these types of menstrual disorders. Dysmenorrhea is one of the main causes of irregular menstrual cycles in young women.

Causes Of Dysmenorrhea

The causes of dysmenorrhea are hormonal. The severe cramping and pain can be caused by prostaglandins which are hormones that are produced by the uterus lining. Severe inflammation and uterine contractions are caused by the prostaglandins and one of the main causes of dysmenorrhea.

Another one of the causes of dysmenorrhea is hormonal imbalance. Hormonal imbalance can occur when there is an excessive estrogen level compared to the progesterone level in the body. There can also be a decrease in blood sugar causing hypoglycemia. These causes of irregular menstrual cycles result in severe pain, cramping, water retention, depression, fatigue, vomiting, headaches and even acne.

Consuming a rich in fiber and taking in daily vitamins containing both magnesium and vitamin B complex can help decrease the symptoms related to dysmenorrhea. Daily exercise along with drinking a lot of water can also help in the fight against menstrual pain. Excessive salt intake can cause water retention which in turn promotes the painful symptoms of menstrual cramps. By lessening the salt and increasing water intake these symptoms can be decreased at home and without medical care.

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