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Top Daily Penny Stock Picks

Blugrass Energy Inc. (PINK:BLUG)

Blugrass Energy, an oil and gas exploration company is up 40% in mid-day at $0.042 a share. This spike is due to the announcement on March 22 that the record date for share reduction was pushed to April 1st. As this date quickly approaches investors are optimistic. Expect prices to go up again tomorrow when the shares are officially reduced adding more value and visibility for existing shareholders. The company also announced last week that they will be drilling their first deep natural gas well this summer. CEO Mr. Janz stated, “We are very fortunate—with the 3D seismic work that has been completed on the entire acreage position, and the excellent pipeline infrastructure nearby, the company has the liberty to focus exclusively on its drilling and financing plans.” Track this stock tomorrow!

Cytosorbents Corp. (BB:CTSO)

Cytosorbents Corp., a medical device research and development company, is trading at a 52 week high today at $0.28. It is up 61.76% in mid-day trading on news that they received European Union regulatory approval for CytoSorb™. Cytosorb™ is there flagship product which provides blood purification to treat serious illness. Achieving this milestone enables the European Union to utilize this product for human clinical use. CEO Dr. Phillip Chan stated, “Obtaining European regulatory approval for CytoSorb™ is the most significant accomplishment in our company’s history and we thank our employees and our shareholders for their dedication and support.” Shareholders are definitely reaping the benefits as the stock moves to a 52 week high. Look for further growth as CytoSorb™ expands to new markets thereby increasing revenues and profits. Cytosorbents hopes 2011 will transition them into a serious commercial medical device company on the world stage.

Sierra Gold Corp. (PINK: SGCP)

After an overall steady week with stock prices up and down, Sierra Gold Corporation is up 11.54% in mid-day trading on a share volume of 16,296,781. As the dollar drops and gold prices increase, Sierra Gold Corp is gaining steam. Gold is currently trading at $1437 an ounce! While gold prices dropped slightly in the beginning of the year they are once again at all time highs. With growing unrest across the Arab world as well financial worries domestically and internationally, gold has continued to increase its value. The last press release from Sierra Gold Corp. was in November of 2010 so one only suspect that as the dollar falls and oil prices go up with the current Lybia crisis that Sierra Gold’s stock will benefit. Sierra Gold Corp. focuses their mining and carbon credit projects in Sierra Leone.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.