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Daily Top Penny Stock Picks

Calibert Explorations Ltd. (OTC:CXLT)

In another dramatic penny stock success story, on Thursday this stock gained 77 percent, closing at $0.420.

Calibert Explorations Ltd provides cost-savings benefits to middle-of-the-road U.S. families. The massive jump in the value of this stock came on the backdrop of an announcement made by the company yesterday that it plans to introduce a new paid membership program. The program would save its members 5%-50% across more than 240,000 merchant locations.

This company has not seen any tangible revenues since it was launched in early 2007. In addition to this, the balance sheet of the firm shows that it has assets of only $1400 with liabilities of $147,600. This introduction of the new paid membership program, however, looks set to bring tangible revenues to this company. The company has made huge one- gains in the past, and this might be a good opportunity for day traders to benefit.


On Thursday this stock gained 20 percent, closing at $0.042.

Among other things, this development stage company is developing wireless power transmission and fusion energy technologies. Yesterday, the company made an announcement regarding the potential applications for its technologies. The company is in the final stage of developing an energy device, which will convert hydrogen’s nuclear potential energy into CPE (chemical potential energy).

The most exciting application of this fusion technology is that vehicles would be able to travel a lot further per gallon of water than they currently do per gallon of gasoline. Developments such as these could revolutionize the car industry. We would reduce our dependence on foreign oil, and lower our impact on the environment. No doubt this company is in a promising industry, but there is a lot of work to be done yet before significant revenues start to come in.

The gains in the stock value are brought about by renewed hopes that this company will eventually commercialise one of their technologies. However, thus far the firm has suffered large losses since its inception.


Yet another corker for this stock. It gained 37 percent yesterday, closing at $0.055.Since the last week of February, this stock has gained no less than 550 percent, from $0.001.

According to the company’s website, one of the fastest growing challenges in healthcare is the provision of quality equipment, patient care and better financial management of human resources. The company is in the perfect position to exploit this demand,

The company has had two consecutive profitable years, and with zero long-term debt, the company announced on March 15 that it is ready to pursue additional growth opportunities in the mid-Atlantic region. With its recently established partnership with the consulting company Waterford Holdings, it has shown that it is serious in expanding into new markets.

Out of the three stocks highlighted today, this one has the greatest promise in the long-term, and is well worth your further investigation.

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