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Daily Top Penny Stock Picks

Titan Resources International Corp. (PINK:TNRI)

Titan Resources International Corp. (PINK:TNRI), a small precious metals exploration company, is up again today in mid-day trading. It is currently trading up 5.62% at $0.02 after showing an amazing performance on Thursday only to go lower all day Friday. Last Thursday the company announced the engagement of MPH Consulting Limited to further explore property located near New Denver in British Columbia. This will provide improved survey data for my precise drilling. Then this morning Titan Resources announced a letter of intent to purchase additional mining claims in that area. Bill Akrivos, Titan CEO stated, “This is an excellent opportunity for Titan but further due diligence is required before we complete this transaction. However the data we have received thus far concerning the property is very promising.” Once we hear further news, which the company expects to release in the “near future, on these developing projects, the revenue and profit growth should help boost stock prices and please

Allezoe Medical Holdings (OTBB:ALZM)

While Allzoe Medical Holdings (OTBB: ALZM) closed up over `10% on Thursday it closed down on Friday. Nevertheless, Alzoe trended upward throughout the week. This Organ Transport Systems’ holding company announced Friday that they are preparing for clinical trials of its LifeCradle® which is designed for heart perfusion. The success of this product, which has already undergone eight years of research, could drive this stock higher down the line. The heart will be the initial focus before they expand their clinical trials to other organs such as the lungs, kidney and liver. CEO Michael Holder states, “By beginning with the heart studies, we can go head to head with one of the country’s biggest killers – heart disease. We will also be able to set the pace and course for future studies on the applications of this technology to other equally vital and underused organ donations.” Allezoe is currently trading up 1.47% as of now with a volume of 1,115,627 shares traded. Look for more positive news as they begin trials!

Elite Pharma Inc. (OTBB:ELTP)

Elite Pharma is currently up 5.11% with a volume of 10,293,229 shares traded. Elite Pharam, which develops controlled release products (pills, capsules, etc.), announced on Thursay that they settled a lawsuit with ThePharamaNetwork Inc. (TPN) where all claims and counterclaims in connection to their Collaboration Agreement will be dismissed without prejudice. Furthermore, nothing in the Settlement Agreement restricts Elite from developing, commercializing, manufacturing and distributing any pharmaceutical product similar to, or which may compete with, the Product or ANDA filed in connection with the product.” With a cash payment and no restrictions from TPN, Elite can move past this legal roadblock. This stock has been on a roll since the news was released last Thursday.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.