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Daily Top Penny Stock Picks

Savwatt USA, Inc. (PINK:SAVW)

This week has seen a huge surge in the stock performance of Savwatt USA, Inc. (PINK:SAVW), a market leader in LCD lighting. While it was trading at $0.0035 on Wednesday February 23, it is now trading at $ 0.0125. This increase is due to the press release by the company announcing that they signed a ten year lease on a 21,000 square foot facility in Baltimore, MD. The grand opening has been set for May 2011 and attests to the serious growth the company anticipates throughout the rest of the year. In addition, Savwatt announced that they will be installing a SavWatt Eco-Pole at the Maryland Science Center for green energy education and they also signed an agreement with Bauchus Capital to assist with European distribution. Both these deals give the company greater visibility and name recognition. With positive growth on the horizon, Savwatt is definitely a company to buy.

Shot Spirits Corporation (PINK:SSPT)

Shot Spirits Corporation (PINK:SSPT) is already up 57% in midday trading and looks to offer some promising short term results. Shot Spirits Corp. focuses on innovations in the beverage industry and also owns another subsidiary GuestMetrics, Inc., which develops software for the hotel and bar service industry. Earlier this month they reduced their liabilities by over $1M helping to strengthen their overall financial picture. With the service industry forecasting better numbers in 2011, now is a great time to invest. Also, considering this stock is close to their 52 week low and the trading volume is high, there is a lot of upside to investing in SSPT especially for the short term.

AppTech Corp. (PINK:APCX)

AppTech Corp., a leading developer of global mobile applications, announced this morning that 2 billion out of their close to 3 billion in common shares will be returned to the company as Treasury shares. This action is due to the fact that an agreement to acquire assets from Innovative Asset Corporation has been rescinded. Since the company will have more available stock that most likely will be bought by company executives, the stock is looking strong and is already up close to 15% in midday trading. This news is coming off a huge day yesterday when AppTech was up in trading as well. Furthermore, the company announced last Thursday February 17th that Oronoco Telecom, LLC, one its wholly owned subsidiaries, began generating revenue. As Oronoco picks up steam It should in turn increase revenue as well as the stock price. With two thirds of their available shares coming back to company this is huge opportunity to invest in AppTech.

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