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Daily Top Penny Stock Picks

Attitude Drinks Incorporated (OTC:ATTD)

This cheap stock rocketed on Monday. It opened at $0.017 and closed just shy of the $0.04 mark, representing a 106% increase.

This remarkable day comes on the back of the company’s launch of its Phase 3 Recovery Drink in New England. The company has partnered with Entercom, and this new product will be associated with major sporting teams such as the Celtics and the Red Sox. As a result, the product will reach 10 million consumers across New England. A big marketing push is planned using, amongst others, the WEEI Sports Radio Network.

In addition to this news, the company announced that it had obtained positive results from a recent clinical trial on the Phase 3 Recovery Drink. It proved that it was more effective in helping exercise recovery then the main competitors, which include Gatorade and Muscle Milk.

Despite this big move, investors should be aware that the company has made losses of more than $18 million since it was founded in June of 2007. To date its total earnings are less than $40,000. This latest move could, however, be the tuning point for this Attitude Drinks.

Quest Oil Corp (PINK:QOIL)

This stock jumped up 28% on Monday, after providing an update on its lease acquisition in Texas. The new lease will add reserves reserves to the assets of the company, as 1.6 million barrels of oil have been projected on this land.

Since April of last year, the company has seen a significant drop in the price of its stock. The problem with this company is that it has provided its investors with limited financial reporting. This could be because the company is in economic distress, and this makes it very difficult for investors to assess this stock.

The upside is that the stock is now very cheap, and further gains like yesterdays may well be possible. Now is as good an entry point as any.

Ariel Way Inc. (PINK:AWYI)

This stock leaped 33% on Monday, closing at $0.0008. After a price spike in January, in 2011 the stock had held its value of around $0.0007 until yesterday.

Ariel Way, Inc is a technology and services company for global communications, multimedia and associated technologies. In January the company updated on its progress. It is in negotiations to acquire two companies in the US and Europe, and if these acquisitions are successful, this should provide the company with a significant revenue stream.

Investors are expecting the company to make good on its projections to come out with important announcements over the next few weeks and months about its continued development plans. In the last 3 months the company has released 3 important pieces of news, and each of these has led to a spike in the price of the stock, in which the it doubled in the space of one day.

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