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Top Daily Penny Stock Picks


On Monday this stock surged by nearly 85 percent, closing at $0.0305.

Clicker Inc. is a Web publisher and Internet brand builder. Its main focus is to build brands and properties that incorporate social networking, and which leverage content, commerce and advertising for Internet users across the globe.
The surge in the price of the stock comes after the company announced that it has purchased a portal: DaHoodBuzz.com, and launched a new site Sportsgulp.net. Also, the company was given a positive review in a popular newsletter, and this had a big effect on the volume of stock traded yesterday.

The CEO of the company, Lloyd Lapidus, said that DaHoodBuzz.com attracts a very desirable demographic which many major national brands are looking for exposure to. The site will mature over the next few months, and it has the potential to become a significant revenue earner as those brands use it to reach this lucrative market.

The social media company has plans for a number of new portals, and investors will be hoping that this will bring increased revenues to the company.

Novadel Pharma Inc (OTC:NVDL)

On Monday, this stock jumped by 83 percent, closing at $0.0900. The stock got hammered in the second half of February and March, and this will be a welcome for investors.

NovaDel Pharma Inc. is a pharmaceutical company, which is currently focused on developing oral spray formulations for a wide range of pharmaceuticals on the market.

The surge in the price of the stock comes after it received a favourable review in a widely read newsletter, and after it registered new securities for sale. Whilst day traders have taken advantage of the surge, long-term investors are hoping that the company will soon unlock significant near-term value. The products under development by this company are recognised as being very promising. Despite the surge, the price of the stock is still way below that of the mid-February level, and there is a still much potential for significant gain.

E-Debit Global Corporation (PINK:WSHE)

One day gains don’t get much bigger than this. On Monday, this company surged by no less than 215 percent.
E-Debit Global Corporation sells and operates ATM’s and point of sale (POS) machines across Canada. In addition, the company provides general financial services and related packages.

The surge in the price of the stock comes after the company announced that it was entering the prepaid marketplace through its equity purchase of Smart Pay Solutions Inc. The management said that as a result of this move, the company is now rolling out a prepaid card product, which will enable it to proceed with the first step of the country-wide marketing and distribution network.

Investors are hoping that this new deal will lead to significant long-term revenues.

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