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Daily Top Penny Stock Picks


A stock worth looking further into, Strategic mining corp suffered from a difficult start to the new year, but this week it jumped up and looks to be heading back to late 2010 levels.

Strategic Mining is operating in northern Vietnam, where it intends to become the leading gold miner in the region. The company has a unique relationship with the government of Vietnam, which is all so important when working in such countries. This has been achieved through the formation of a partnership with Ba Dinh Minerals in Saigon.

Notably, the company is currently negotiating with the Vietnamese government to acquire a 40% stake in a gold mine in the north. This mine will benefit from the company’s know how, and low cost improvements in mining mechanization and processing. Through modernization, such mines can reach their potential and deliver big profits for their shareholders.

Strategic mining corp was the first western company to be awarded a license to mine in Vietnam for six decades. The company plans to begin deep hole exploration in March of this year. Investors take note: this company has massive potential!

AppTech Corp (PINK:APCX)

This company was stagnant for the second half of 2010 up to mid-february 2011. However, it has been a dramatic last 2 weeks for this stock, and the share price has gone up from $0.00025 to $0.0015.

AppTech Corp is engaged in the development of mobile application market places. It concentrates on emerging markets in Latin America. The company is developing mobile apps for iPhones and Google’s Android, and is working towards completing deals with the leading communication companies in Latin America.

One factor leading to the big jump in the stock price was the news released on March 1, 2011 by the company, in which it announced that its subsidiary, Oronoco Telecom, achieved sales slightly above $90,000.00 in February 2011. The President of the subsidiary, Daniel Miroli, said that this figure exceeded all expectations. In one month, sales nearly tripled, and the subsidiary is well positioned to see its sales continue to grow at a rapid pace.

Protalex Inc. (OTC:PRTX)

This stock shot up on the back of the announcement by this clinical stage bio-pharmaceutical company that it is developing a class of drugs which will treat autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, and that on March 3rd it accepted it first patients for a clinical study, which is being conducted in South Africa. This study will evaluate and assess the safety and tolerability of the drug.

There a large number of penny stock bio-pharmaceutical companies, and investors gain from exactly these sorts of announcements. With some great gains made in the last few days, this stock is without doubt worth looking into further. This is a robust and progressive company that offers good earnings opportunities.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.