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Daily Top Penny Stock Picks

Universal Detection (PINK: UNDT)

Since the nuclear disaster in Japan this stock has been performing extremely well. The stock is currently up 180% in mid-day trading with an overwhelming volume of shares traded. Universal Detection just announced today that they have finalized an agreement with the United States Department of Commerce to market their radiological detection equipment. Their release explains that “in addition to dosimetry and teledosimetry, other best-in-breed solutions include contamination and clearance applications, personnel and vehicle/cargo gateway monitors and portable meters.” As the situation in Japan worsens, Universal Detection’s products will experience increasing demand.
Considering countries around the world are rethinking and analyzing their own nuclear facilities, Universal Detection could show huge growth this year. Keep an eye on this stock as it is soaring!

Cord Blood America (PINK: CBAI)

Cord Blood America, which tests, collects, processes and preserves umbilical cord blood, announced today that they intend to operate solely on their cash flow after their recent recapitalization. The stock is currently trading up 4.76% in mid-day trading on a high volume of shares. Matthew Schissler, co-founder and CEO, states that “getting to cash flow positive is of critical importance for our business and to allow our shareholders to recognize the true value of the Company.” Over the past year Cord Blood America went from reselling another lab’s services to building their own laboratory in Las Vegas, Nevada. Furthermore, their revenues were up 14% at their last 10Q filing and they have acquired 51% of one of the largest cord blood companies in Europe as well as 51% of a profitable Argentinean stem
cell company. With increased revenue and decreased debt, Cord Blood America is set for continued growth.

Cyclone Power Technology (PINK: CYPW)

Cyclone Power Technology, a clean energy research and development company, is up 7.46% in mid-day trading on news that Aero Tec Laboratories will sponsor Cyclone Power Technologies’ U.S. Land Steam Record Team in their attempt to break the world speed record for steam-powered vehicles. As Coal and Nuclear energy have recently been criticized for their environmental risks, Cyclone Power Technology is able to use this race to demonstrate the sustainability and efficacy of their energy resources. David H. Dack, the company’s Vice-President of Sales states “with the Cyclone-Williams vehicle and Team Steam, we are also supporting new technology with important environmental benefits, including true fuel flexibility.” Clean power has been a big topic all week as public discourse has focused on energy whether it be high fuel prices or the crisis in Japan. The market is up overall today but throughout the week has been trending low. Clean power is a great play as environmentally sustainable companies
become increasingly popular.

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