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Top Penny Stock Picks of the Day

Viropro, Inc. (PINK:VPRO)

Viropro gained 20% on Wednesday, and finished the day at $0.0540. The stock price has now been steadily increasing for 5 days in a row, and in that time has nearly doubled in value.

This company works with the bio-pharmaceutical industry, offering contractual services on cell line development. The mission of the company is to “Make bio-tech drugs for its clients, efficiently and economically.” The company produces drugs on an industrial scale, which are sold by its clients on the global markets.

In January the company updated investors on its operations. The company revealed that as part of its business plan it will be making acquisitions. According to the company update, the management is working hard towards achieving this goal. As any penny stock investor knows, company acquisitions can be great for the stock price.

In January there was a crazy drawback of the stock, and now experts agree that the company has great rebound potential.

Allied Security Innovations, Inc. (PINK:ADSV)

This stock moved up on Wednesday by 1% to $30.28. The last 7 days has seen this stock steadily climb from a low of $29.10

The company provides software to the global investment management industry. It is a leader in its field, and it has a very wide client base across 50 countries. It is the only such company to have received the Service Capability and Performance Certificate for its world class services.

On Tuesday it was announced that the CEO, Stephanie Marco DiCredit, will speak at the all important Suisse Global Services conference on March 15th. This will provide further exposure for this company, and will help it to reach its goal of significantly expanding its client base in 2011.


On Wednesday this stock was a big mover – jumping up 15% from $0.028 to $0.035 (after reaching a high of $0.041 in the morning).

SGD holdings is the parent company of EcoPaper – which produces environmentally friendly paper products. The company gives an alternative to consumers who wish to move away from making purchases in the “traditional” paper industry, which is polluting and leads to bio-diversity loss.

This jump follows news released by the company on Wednesday that the company has made a deal to reduce its debt structure. Harry Johansing, the company’s CEO, said that this deal was a very positive move and that it will create additional opportunities for the company and its investors.

The deal was done with the CEO himself, who has converted $50,000 of the debt of the company owed to him into 714,000 restricted shares. This has reduced the overall debt of the company by 10%.

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