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Daily Top Penny Stock Picks

Global Immune Technologies Inc (PINK:GIMU)

On March 14, this jumped up 25 percent to $0.001

This increase comes on the back of a PR released by Global Immune Technologies Inc on March 14. The Company announced a Greek Consortium under the management of several companies in the solar energy sector, including Sunrise Item Hellas. These companies will begin marketing RenON’s Hybrid Solar System in Greece, which is a huge market for solar energy products.

Donald L. Perks, the President of Global Immune Technologies Inc, said that in the Greek market, the company expects to generate revenues of Euro 11 million to Euro 13 million per annum. He also said that this will be a test area for other remote installations around the world.

Global Immune Technologies, Inc. is a development-stage company, and investors should be aware that in 2010 it did not generate any revenues.

Axia Group, Inc. (USA) (PINK:AGIJ)

On March 14 this stock leaped up 47% to $0.0025.

Axia is one of those companies that is difficult to pin down. It states that it is seeking to identify clients that require services such as capital structuring, business consulting, financial planning and merger and acquisition. In addition, the company is seeking acquisition targets. The company does not operate in any particular business or industry segment.

Yesterday, the company released a PR on its Collagenna Skin Care Products, which were tested by one of its US partners. The results were positive, and this was reflected in the price of the stock.

This stock has shown huge volatility and has made some big swings, so whilst the risk is high, be aware that this stock is now trading at what is a low level for the company. It would be well worth you keeping an eye on this stock as it has the potential to make rapid gains, as it did so on a couple of occasions last year.

Stanford Management Ltd (OTC:ALZM)

This stock rose 16.5% on March 14 to $1.20. Last week as a whole the stock tripled in value!

Stanford Management Ltd is now called Allezoe Medical Holdings, and has traded under that name for only one week. The company has a new vision, and is working on the development of a portfolio of companies in the medical device, solutions and services sector.

On January 24 of this year, the Company entered into an agreement to purchase Organ Transport Systems. This is a biomedical company which is focused on redefining human organ transplantation through better preservation, through its LifeCradle product line. Organ Transport Systems was valued at $100 million when purchased by its previous owner, and this acquisition has been a big driver of the stock price increase.

You should definitely keep ALZM on your watch list! The first five trading sessions of ALZM were amazing, marked by a more than tripled share price and growing interest from traders.


The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.