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Daily Top Penny Stock Picks


This stock took off in late October last year, and whilst the price has been fluctuating around the $0.005 mark since then, on Wednesday it jumped up to $0.006.

On March 1, the company announced that on March 7 it will launch its video sales platform, and that it will begin working with WhidbeyLocal.com, which is soon to launched. The CEO of Stategic Management, Mrs.Audette, made the announcement, and stated that it has taken the company a long time to get to where it is now, but it is finally ready to move its product into the marketplace. This is an online video sales and production solution which will be an invaluable took for anybody involved in the production and distribution of online videos.

She also added that working with WhidbeyLocal.com brings local advertisers a great opportunity to crate their own online community. This site will be used as a proving ground for the product, and the long-term intention is to bring it to advertisers nationally and internationally.

So, investors take heed! There is no doubt that this company has enormous potential.

Target Development Group, Inc. (PINK:TDGI)

This stock rose by 4.5% on Wednesday, and is now worth $0.0486.

On March 1, the company announced that it had purchased 4.5 acres of land and a warehouse for its entertainment division,
Hannover House. The division is currently operating from a leased facility in Arkansas. The purchase of the new warehouse will enable the materials and merchandise to be consolidated and will reduce the company’s storage costs significantly. It will also build company equity and shareholder value.

The CEO, Eric Parkinson, said that the company intends to expand its physical presence in NY and LA for the marketing advantages that these regions afford. It is also committed to expanding its operational centers across its home state: Arkansas.

Hannover House owns a rapidly growing film library. Currently its has over 180 titles, and is negotiating to represent the home video distribution rights of an additional 600 titles. This new warehouse space will enable the increased volume of materials to be accommodated.

This company is putting its money where its mouth is and showing to its investors that it means business.

Sungro Minerals Inc (OTC:SUGO).

Sungro Minerals had a good day on Wednesday, with its stock moving up by 6.7% to $0.0640.

Sungro Minerals is an early exploration stage company. It acquires, explores and develops mineral properties. Currently, its plan is to explore for deposits on its property in Conglomerate Mesa.

The Conglomerate Mesa was explored by a Fortune 500 company in 1995, and this company identified and isolated 8 target zones. The company dropped the property because it decided to withdraw from the gold industry, but Sungro Minerals is now in the perfect position to benefit from this lucrative land..and so are its investors.

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