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Daily Top Penny Stock Picks

Advanced Cell Technology Inc. (PINK:ACTC)

Advanced Cell Technology, Inc. (PINK:ACTC), a research and developer of regenerative medicine for a wide variety of diseases, is trading up at 9.63% on a positive response from the European Medicines Agency for their orphan medicinal product for Stargardt’s disease. This product utilized human embryonic stem cells (hESC)-derived retinal pigment epithelial (RPE) in their treatment of Stargardt’s. With this favorable opinion, Advanced Cell technology will now try to move forward with European trials. Since there is no approved treatment for Stargardt’s disease, this would be a huge step forward for treatment research and the health of the stock. Advanced Cell Technology has bounced back from the stock’s decline that it addressed in a comment yesterday. These are positive steps toward their goal of balancing their financial statements and building a long-term sound company.

Talisman Holdings (PINK:TMHO)

Talisman Holdings (PINK:TMHO), a diversified holdings company, is trading up 105.60% in mid-day trading. Current volume of shares is at 6,182,033. The company announced today that they have a preliminary agreement on a joint venture in Peruvian Gold. Talisman Holdings partnered with Carribean Peruvian Gold Mines in Peru will mine 400 hevtares of gold property on an elevation between 2000 and 4000 metres. This will expand production in the mines and once the final agreement is signed expect another jump on the stock. With the price of gold at all time highs this venture is extremely valuable to both companies in the partnership. With the recent recession and financial woes plaguing economies worldwide, Gold has been selling at unprecedented levels while operating costs have been lower. Keep an eye on this one for further developments!

Voyager Petroleum, Inc. (PINK:VYGO)

USA Recycling Industries, formally known as Voyager Petroleum, Inc, filed a letter of intent to gain a 51% interest in Earth Metal Scrap USA, Inc. Earth Metal Scarp currently exports scrap metal auto parts to India and Dubai. With a closing date scheduled no later than 14 days, expect another pop on this stock once the agreement is finalized. It is currently trading up 42.86% in mid-day trading on this news. Current volume of trading is at 38,450,420 shares. This agreement with give direct access to North American scrap metal and, according to USA Recycling Industries’ CEO, Vincent J. Smith, grants “considerable pricing advantages when negotiating with the international scrap metal trading markets.” The finalization of this agreement should increase revenue and profits in the long-term as they continue to build and expand the business.

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